Medical Laboratory Specialist
NCOER Bullets

o collected 25% of the blood drive's blood; helped with ASBP public image and helped with spreading awareness

o worked proficiently and diligently under ever changing conditions; successfully collected 25% of the blood drive's blood

o observed, coached, and mentored 186 Soldiers on their roles of a role 3 health care facility during JRTC rotation

o orchestrated the relocation and modernization of the largest OCONUS histology laboratory which increased department productivity by 50 percent

o oversaw lab functions on night shift with little to no supervision, trained peers to use equipment efficiently

o managed a medical supply inventory worth over $500 thousand with zero losses despite its many unmonitored issue points

o provided steady and invaluable knowledge and experience, while under enemy fire, to the 24 ID frontline units supported with combat medical care

o SFC Forrest led the Forward Surgical Team during several Field Training Exercises and a Battaliion Evaluation

o developed a tracker for 125 critical reagent items, dramatically lowering losses and reducing recurring replacement purchases by 50%

o flawless performance as Dewitt Army Hospital's color guard for the change of command and the nursing corps reunion dinner

o supervised and triaged over 600 patient encounters; increased the efficient use of providers' time

o decontaminated 8,000 surgical instrument sets and prepared, packaged and sterilized over 100 surgical instrumentation sets

o led five decontamination teams in response to a mass chemical weapon accident; decontaminated and treated 7 casualties

o trained personnel responsible for blood support operation in Role II and Role III Medical Treatment Facilities on the TMDS Blood Application system

o administered over 1,000 influenza vaccinations to the international zone of Baghdad, Iraq

o presented Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) classes and qualified 6 Soldiers as experts and 3 Soldiers as sharpshooters at the M16/M9 range

o provided effective support to six full-time pathologists and increased lab productivity by 25 percent

o documented care for 300 coalition members which contributed to the award of the Canadian Unit Commendation, a first for U.S. medics

o played a key role in 35th Medical Group being named 2010 PACAF Medical Treatment Facility of the Year

o provided keen medical guidance to junior Soldiers during the mass inoculation of over 900 Soldiers; excellent patient care

o performed over 50 procedures, freeing providers to see more patients; expanded the clinic's mission capability

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