68K Medical Laboratory Specialist Examples

Medical Laboratory NCO

For exceptionally meritorious service as a Medical Laboratory NCO at the USAISR from 12 August 2020 to 10 September 2022. Sergeant Kasey Porter's dedication to duty and commitment to excellence substantially enhanced capabilities in Combat Wound Care of battlefield wound injuries and COVID-19 specimen processing. Sergeant Porter's exemplary performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflects credit on him, the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research and the United States Army.

Health Care NCO, Nevada Army National Guard

Sergeant Clarke assisted in the daunting task of rewriting outdated text for the old Army Analytical Laboratory after being fielded the first updated Analytical Laboratory System (ALS) for the United States Army. Spending countless hours outside of the normal duty day, testing, verifying, and writing specialized instructions to process Radiological, Biological, and Chemical warfare agents within the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) while simultaneously performing her assigned duties.

Sergeant Clarke proved to be a pivotal member of the 92nd (WMD) Civil Support Team. Despite a high operational tempo and TDY schedule, and despite being allowed two years to complete site qualification, Sergeant Clarke dedicated the time to accomplish 50% of her Specialized Training Requirements within 5 months of being assigned to her position. Sergeant Clarke is now site qualified and able to perform assigned duties within the Analytical Laboratory, creating a strong bond within the Analytical team. Her dedication furthers the capabilities and reach of the 92nd Civil Support Team.

Sergeant Clarke's perseverance was indisputable when the 92nd Civil Support Team responded to a real world response in Dayton, Nevada. Sergeant Clarke, while preparing for the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, was able to provide analytical support, which allowed the 92nd (WMD) CST to respond to possible city water contamination incident. Sergeant Clarke performed her duties as an ALS Operator, analyzing public safety samples to ensure the safety of the city of Dayton.

Medical Laboratory Specialist, Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory-West

During this period, Staff Sergeant Reginald Green developed the first ever tri-service unit training plan and reviewed and validated core competencies and monthly continuing medical education presentations. He led the Army's sole expeditionary blood training team, taught 32 courses ensuring the deployment readiness of 300 personnel from three MOSs and four UTCs. Sergeant Green also served as Quality Assurance Manager and managed a 10K blood inventory valued at more than $6 million. Furthermore, Sergeant Green led numerous large scale shipments to include: United States Navy blood response, shipping four hundred units to United States Naval vessels in less than two days and restocking PACOM frozen blood product inventory by supplying 1.2K units in less than two months. Additionally, his transfusion service experience was critical to the success of the DoD commercial off-the-shelf Transfusion Service system upgrade where he processed and reviewed 66 validation scripts ensuring safe blood support to multiple Transfusion Services and Distribution Centers worldwide. Finally, Sergeant Green's leadership and dedication secured his team's FDA, CAP, & AABB accreditation.

Medical Lab Technician

During this period, Sergeant Edward C. Young performed clinical laboratory analysis on over 100,000 test samples, spanning seven medical specialties, which aided in the diagnosis and treatment of 50,000 patients. He conducted quality control and maintenance on equipment assets worth $370 thousand, facilitating his unit's continued national accreditation. Additionally, he exceeded the upgrade training schedule requirements by six months while simultaneously precepting 10 students. His mentoring resulted in five national certifications and 10 skilled and qualified technicians. Furthermore, he was lauded by the Medical Diagnostics Battalion Commander for collecting over 100 personnel blood samples. His continued devotion to mission readiness, professional development, and teamwork resulted in his selection as NCO of the Quarter and his work center being rated first in "overall experience". Finally, he supervised 11 Soldiers and earned his second national lab certification.

Developed and delivered Iron First Responder training for Brigade; 100% coverage in two weeks.

Provided required medical support for numerous Range operations and field coverages in garrison; manned Battalion Aid Station during exercises.

Provided medical support for Combined Logistical Patrols during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2010-2011.

Kept lab functions running at night with no supervision; provided around-the-clock service; trained all new personnel on essential tasks

SSG Lee assisted in training troops from the 440th Blood Support Detachment (BSD) in the Mirasol System prior to their deployment to Liberia to construct medical facilities to confine and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus and support Operation United Assistance. He trained American and UN Soldiers to process, treat and store units of platelets, plasma and whole blood which will support the Monrovia Medical Unit in creating their own blood program. The selfless efforts of Staff Sergeant Lee reflect highly on him and the United States Army.

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