Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist

Soldier inspecting food in commissary

Food Inspection NCO

o selected above peers to serve in the Food Inspection NCOIC position during a period of severe personnel shortage for 90 days achieving excellent results

o provided vital training to 23 civilian vendors before 2 major installation special events resulting in proper food safety practices and no foodborne illness outbreaks

o organized and trained 16 Soldiers prior to Management Control Process inspection by creating battle books to ensure all SOPs and policies were followed

o maintained 100% inventory accountability of equipment and supplies valued at $550,000 at three geographically separated installations with zero losses

o diligently worked with clinic staff to improve tracking of responsibilities by utilizing a tasking spreadsheet which improved the cohesion drastically to create one team

o ensured Soldier compliance with all DoD safety programs and policies resulting in zero incident reports

o selected for the Food and Water Defense mission at the AUSA conference which ensured the food safety of several high ranking officials from various countries

o performed superbly as NCOIC of Fort Belvoir's Funeral Honor Detail, received several accolades for his overall team's performance during four different funerals

o organized and set up 6 ACS events, which enabled his section to serve over 400 hours of community service and created a positive image in the local community

Vet Srv NCO/68R20

o increased soldier skills in Decon of Canines, MOPP operations, and M50 pro mask operations; improved 218th Medical Veterinary Detachment Service Support CBRN readiness

o led food security, sanitation, animal treatment and vulnerability assessments for eight months, supporting more than 12,500 Coalition forces

Food Inspector NCO

o achieved a commendable rating by the district warrant officer during the annual Management Control Process inspection resulting in no findings of material weakness

o provided the Fort Meade Garrison with mitigation strategies for risks found at 23 facilities during the annual IFVA significantly improving the food safety and security

o supported the 2014 Public Health Command Best Warrior competition; provided realistic training for 12 Soldiers and ensured overall success of the competition

o served as Training NCO for Fort Belvoir Branch for seven months and managed all mandatory Army training requirements for 35 branch Soldiers and civilians on time

o developed two weeks of food inspection and animal care training for eight reserve food inspectors, which enhanced mission readiness for their upcoming deployment

o coordinated three unit fundraising projects that raised over $1,500 to support Soldier welfare, and recreational activities boosting the units overall morale

o enforced and emphasized the importance of safety to his Soldiers, which led to zero safety accidents or injuries within the branch

o ensured daily PERSTATS requirements were submitted to district on time, which resulted in full accountability and safety of 35 Soldiers and civilians

o provided food safety and sanitation information to the community during the National Food Safety Month

o effectively managed all aspects of the unit's food safety operations as the senior food inspection NCO without mission failure during his rating period

o cross-trained 68Ts on the technical aspects of food inspection, resulting in more Soldiers being available in case of food safety issues while undermanned

o consistently responded to complex tasking requirements from higher headquarters proactively and intelligently

o obtained an impressive zero finding rating with three observations during the FYXX MCP inspection of NCO Section.

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