MOS 68U, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

Hearing Specialist

o proactively attended a Hearing Conservation Technician course, prior to mobilization, and gained certification in order to provide hearing assessment, patient education, and counseling

Otolarynglogy Service NCOIC

d. Presence

o in a joint service environment his Military bearing and confidence is sought by other services to assist with their Army personnel for Department of Surgery

o continued a lasting relationship with the reserve center, integrating two week rotations by reservists during dramatic staff shortages

e. Intellect

o expertise from civilian educational research regarding Military Medics has been sought by MEDCOM CSM

o is sought by others with his Innovative ideas in educating Audiology providers Army wide in 68U abilities as physician extenders

o completed Human resources management for supervisors to better manage civilian staff

f. Leads

o expertize in high-level Infection Control for clinical scopes; SOP/guidance aided in a successful Joint Commission Survey

o Instructed over 250 lower enlisted through four Soldier development program courses during the month of January

o Instructed over 200 NCO's through four NCO development program courses during the month of January

g. Develops

o facilitated multiple day MRT classes increasing Troop Command's FY16' compliance by training over 300 Officers, NCO's and enlisted

o Instructed two phase II training iterations consisting of 14 total weeks for 68U program rotating through WRNMMC

h. Achieves

o Earned an excellence rating during phase II training program audit for 68U program WRNMMC earning three more years of accreditation

o lead Honduras humanitarian aid Mission as Senior enlisted that completed 44 successful surgeries

o as the Service training NCOIC proactive reporting of training delinquencies resulted in a continual 90% completion rate or higher for FY16'

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