MOS 88A Transportation Officer OER Examples

o synchronized the transportation of 305 Divarty and HHBN soldiers and equipment in support of NTC 23-05 deployment and redeployment

o collaborated with 2ABCT to meet critical training objectives for upcoming EUCOM deployment

o accepted and undertook additional duties to fill significant needs and shortfalls in manpower; supported and sustained the mission of the MOTCO Department

o served as Resource Manager in addition to his regular duties as Division Chief; single-handedly managed the discretionary budget for the MOTCO Department

o issued a government-wide stop movement for personal property shipments as required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; mitigated effects of pandemic

o coordinated extensively with HQ SDDC to ensure all funds were tracked and accounted for; optimized services and left unit poised for additional workload

o forecasted the budget for future services and projects totaling $8.7 million in TWCF funds and $7.8M in OMA funds; set MOTCO up for success

o planned the shipment of all HHC 34 CAB's vehicles and equipment from Minnesota to mobilization station, Ft Hood Texas and Port of Charleston for onward movement to Camp Taji, Iraq

o oversaw the flawless execution and movement of 160 Soldiers and 73 STONS from Fort Sill into theater; maintained 100% accountability of unit and personal equipment

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