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o completed over 600 Transportation Movement Requests (TMR) for Mobilizing and Demobilizing units; supported over 40,000 Soldiers in Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) processes at Fort Cavazos

o maximized knowledge of GCSS-A; enabled SPO TRANS to create a cult report that was utilized on a tactical level during garrison operations

o trained and qualified himself on GCSS-A; exploited features, improved accuracy and helped 1BCT determine which assets were available at all times

o built and installed blocking and bracing; ensured the safe transportation of multiple commercial loads of explosive munitions

o volunteered to fill rear detachment roles; maintained the unit training, readiness, and equipment accountability

o headed convoy preparation and provided commanders with exceptional guidance and experience

o tracked and maintained PMCSs up to date, prevented unit vehicles failure

o conducted Deployment and Distribution operations at multiple CONUS installations for forward movement to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

o aided the deployment of fifteen Brigade Combat Teams; made safe and expedient forward movement possible

o mobilized and deployed to Haiti to support Operation Unified response

o deployed a BCT from Fort Carson to Fort Bliss; moved over 200 equipment items and rolling stock and logged over 3,500 miles during the trip

o redeployed the Battalion on two separate occasions, coordinated the unit's RESET program consisting of twenty four AH64-D Apache Attack Helicopters, prime movers and all air and ground support equipment

o moved the unit to the National Training Center and back to Fort Riley with no loss of government equipment

o took charge charge and built the Detachment's Family Support Program from the ground up

o was an essential member of a highly trained, well motivated, and efficient White HET Escort team while attached to the 180th Transportation Battalion

o contributed to the successful receipt, transport and delivery of over 3,000 pieces of tactical and non-tactical equipment throughout the Kuwait theater of operations

o assisted the cook section, motor pool and range with training support and guidance with no external support during anual training 2013

o ensured accurate accountability of tactical equipment assigned to the unit

o recruited a civilian FRG team to create a strong Family Support Network

o passed the 21st Theater Sustainment Command Staff Assisted Visit (SAV) inspection with high marks being attributed to his attention to detail

o provided company SHARP representatives the guidance for standard bulletin boards, security protocols and training material

o served as the Centralized Flight Record System (CAFRS) Administrator

o as interim Readiness NCO, she worked with state level medical providers to ensure that proper Flight Physical processes were implemented and followed

o built a positive esprit de corp and strong morale in the unit


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