MOS 88H Cargo Specialist NCOER Examples

securing vehicle for transport

o completed more than 50 missions, handling over $250,000 worth of cargo; maintained 100% accuracy with no incidents

o demonstrated leadership while at 403rd Inland Cargo Transfer Company; trained Soldiers on equipment and vehicles such as LHS, HMMVW, and 10K, multiplying capacity

o took advantage of numerous Leader Time Training such as: Sling Load Operations, establishing an ECP, M249 weapons functions, and search and seizure of vehicles

o only NCO qualified to operate the RTCH rough terrain cargo handler Kalmar; indispensable mission contribution

o most knowledgeable on ammunition requirements and procedures; safely delivered critical supplies to FOB

o corrected the command Table of Distribution Allowance (TDA) to ensure the Transportation Battalion meets its manning requirements

o her efforts were key to the mobilization, reception, staging and onward movement of the Bn in support of Operations NEW DAWN and ENDURING FREEDOM

o selected over 10 well qualified NCO's to serve as the Camp Marmal CRSP Yard dayshift NCOIC in support of OEF 11-12.

o directly responsible in ensuring that 1,000 MHE requests were executed flawlessly during CRSP Yard Operations

o maintained 100% accountability of all cargo during call forward

o directly responsible for the accountability and movement of more that 1.8 million pounds of cargo transported from Camp Marmal to surrounding bases

o developed and trained pre-deployment tasks for Soldiers deploying in support of OEF 11-12

o fostered a positive work environment by unselfishly sharing knowledge and insight with seniors, peers, and subordinates

o tracked and monitored updates within the 599th TSB and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command; ensured Transportation Battalion was correctly identified

o trained and mentored the company of more than 180 soldiers on railhead and RT-240 (KALMAR) operations in support of OEF 2011-2012

o guaranteed the successful movement of 88 passengers and over 15 cargo tons in support of the largest U.S. and ROK joint deployment exercises that fielded more than 20,000 Soldiers in only 3 days

o verified POD for over 1200 pieces of time-sensitive cargo

C-130 Tactical Loadmaster

o maintained a 96% average through all loadmaster schools

o demanded high standards as an Airdrop accident investigator

o instrumental in training Air Cargo Specialists

Movement NCO

o served as a Transportation Management Supervisor for a FORSCOM Movement Control Team aligned with the 53rd JMCB

o ensured the successful deployment of 20 brigade combat teams and 2 division headquarters totaling over 24,000 items of military cargo from 11 widely separated CONUS installations

o supervised accountability, tracking, and deconflicting of movements, tracking of containers and equipment transported by Host Nation Trucks

o provided comprehensive movement support during 10th Combat Aviation Brigade's OEF deployment from WSAAF, Fort Drum to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

o initiated, researched and proposed necessary changes to the traffic managements system for cost effectiveness

o her tireless efforts and relentless attention to detail enhanced operational support, and contributed to the accomplishment of the unit's mission

o supervised diversion, reconsignment, or transfer of freight and material in support of Operation Enduring Freedom

o accomplished the closeout of all Class, I, II, IX accounts, and the turn-in of the facilities in Kuwait

o oversaw the success of missions leaving from the Iraqi Truck Company Yard to various Forward Operating Bases (FOB) throughout Iraq

o recognized by the Battalion Commander for development of the battalion's total transportation plan during a OEF Distribution Conferences attended by over 40 units

o interacted with the Local Nationals and Foreign Nationals to ensure all missions met SP times consistently

o completed the complex task of moving 200 Soldiers and 50 tons of equipment from Fort Sill, Oklahoma into theater while maintaining 100% accountability of the unit's and Soldier's personal equipment

o served as the S-4 Maintenance Management NCO in a deployable Area Support Group and provided maintenance and logistical support for 2 Battalions and 4 companies

o organized and prioritized the movements of 11 Soldiers and 1 Airman, ensuring they were on schedule for over 30 medical, dental, and training evolutions

o processed and monitored Government Travel, IMPACT credit cards, local purchases, and 3 Financial Liability of Investigation Property Loss (FLIP) cases

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