MOS 88N Transportation Management Coordinator NCOER Bullets

updating military transportation management records

Transportation Management Supervisor

o prepared all BN Shipper's Declaration Dangerous Goods (SDDGs) for B Co. redeployment; ensured all equipment was secured for U.S. Air Force

o organized multiple HAZMAT classes for 3 SF line companies; 17 SOF Soldiers received certifications

o coordinated a successful line haul of 8 ISU90s and 8 Pallets to and from JRTC; moving $100,000 of assets with no deficiencies

Movement Control Team (MCT) NCOIC

o supervised all MCT operations at Camp Dahlke on the south west ECP; preplanning and coordination with sister agencies prevented delays

o maintained 100% accountability of all vehicles and personnel at all times; when rogue vehicle was spotted, instantly informed commander it wasn't ours

o escorted vehicles and personnel outside of Camp Dahlke; demonstrated personal courage, maintained security of personnel

Transportation Management Coordinator

o reviewed, inspected and corrected 7 major areas; improved international logistics and ensured the success of Brigadier General Suarez's visit to Khabari Crossing

o prepared A Co. and B Co. Shipper's Declaration Dangerous Goods (SDDGs) for deployment and re-deployment allowing them to take all of their equipment

88N40 Transportation NCOIC

o led the execution of transportation actions for KR and UFG

o managed the inventory and loadout of over $5,000,000 dollars of unit equipment in just two days

o managed the planning and execution of Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) support for 1 BCT, 4ID gunnery; resulted in 90% utilization rate of the HETs

o coordinated and synchronized SOC functions during the Waldo Canyon Fire; assisted in the establishment of three shelters housing over 3000 displaced Families

o handled the simultaneous execution of numerous tasks while activating the Fort Carson Sustainment Operations Center; resulted in zero failed mission executions

o set the example for his Soldiers by demonstrating a positive attitude; shared technical knowledge which increased the section's performance rate

o ensured all training requirements were met; ensured mission readiness

88N40 Transportation NCOIC

o trained seniors and subordinates on LMR, TC-AIMS II, SMS, and IGC systems; increased the section's performance rate by 100%

o ensured the section was qualified on their APFT and assigned weapons; maintained a 90% readiness rate for the section

o trained and mentored two junior NCOs on continued personal and professional development; a task-oriented NCO

o promote to Sergeant First Class now

o send to Senior Leaders Course immediately

o superior performance in the most demanding assignments with high visibility; he excelled in every task and continues to deliver outstanding results

o continue to challenge this NCO with the most demanding leadership positions; unlimited potential

Worldwide Port System (WPS) Operator

o supported 1298th DDSB WPS section by reconciling tally sheets, uploading, and exporting information to the scanners used during port, rail, and truck operations

88N Traffic Management Coordinator

o displayed extreme technical competence; graduated from the Certified Container Inspector Course; enhanced unit readiness for deployments

o achieved resounding success in the movement of military intelligence equipment with a value in excess of $8M into RESET while maintaining 100% accountability

o unsurpassed attention to detail resulted in 90% accuracy of 1,300 convoyes tracked and verified for the 5th, 67th Sustainment Brigades

o coordinated for the integration of the Transportation Coordinators Automated Information for Movements System II (TC-AIMS II) to the 4th CAB

o system Administrators for 22 TC-AIMS II and six AIT suites

o for the 4th CAB Mission Readiness Exercise, he orchestrated the movement of equipment to three locations simultaneously

o deployed and redeployed one Battalion to the Joint Readiness Training Center

o Government Purchase Card holder with a budget of $25,000 monthly, managed with zero deficiencies

o served as the NCOIC of the 4th CAB Customs Inspections Team and led 60 Soldiers that Customs inspected over 600 containers and shelter

o deployed and redeployed the 4th CAB once to Operation Iraqi Freedom and once to Operation Enduring Freedom

o accomplished the movement of 170 Soldiers and 124 tons from Fort Sill, Oklahoma into theater while maintaining 100% accountability of the unit's and Soldier's personal equipment

Movements Specialist

o supported Operation Golden Cargo, working in excess of 12 hours daily to ensure mission success

o identified bottleneck and changed how the Detachment handled movement requests in order to streamline operations

o instructed new arrivals on Movement Control and immediately doubled our response capacity

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