MOS 91E Machinist NCOER Bullets

Team Leader

o completed more than 100 work orders and obtained more than 1200 man hours; supported and facilitated OPERATION SPARTAN SHEILD

Allied Trades Specialist Supervisor

o supervised the retrofit of eight M88A2 HERCULES Heavy Recovery Vehicles which increased vehicle platform readiness

o developed a training program which enabled three Soldiers to obtain American Welding Society certifications which increased section capability by 70%

o used his technical skills as an Allied Trades Specialist to repair three SPARK systems in accordance with Product Manager-IED Defeat standards

o developed a standardized Computer Numerical Code cross training program increasing section productivity by 15% during rating period

Allied Trades Specialist

o recognized as distinguished graduate for 91E class ALC 18-007

o served as UPL agent for the Company, conducted 70 urinalysis tests over 12 months; sustained drug-free environment

o maintained 130 items of TMDE equipment as TMDE coordinator; ensured all equipment was fully mission capable and ready to respond

o deployed to Iraq and assisted with the hand over of KOS Kalsu to Iraq; maintained 100% accountability of transferred equipment

o performed over 35 extractions of broken bolts and fittings helping return deadlined equipment to FMC status with minimal down time

PFC Doe's willingness to learn allowed him to lead numerous projects and saved the Army approximately $50,000 using his knowledge and experience to manufacture various parts for numerous vehicles. PFC Doe demonstrated merticulous attention to detail ensuring that every job was completed without defect.


o introduced Mastercam software to shop operations; cut production costs and provided state of the art equipment for the continued support of global operations

o maintained a diverse inventory of over 1 million dollars without loss or redundancy

o provided exceptional training on the usage of specialized machines within the Machine Shop to soldiers in his other units, resulting in expanded capabilities for owning units of trained soldiers

o manufactured critical aircraft components and special tools which quickly returned multiple airframes to the war effort

o completed several special projects for units supported by the 1109th TASMG which fostered an excellent working relationship

o her knowledge of machinery and corresponding components was indispensable

o kept all equipment at 100% operational status

o maintained accountability for an inventory worth over $1 million dollars

o manufactured aircraft components and special tools which restored an otherwise stalled mission


o deployed to Poland to assist in repairing trucks and trailers for 515-18 CSSB, 5-4 Air Defense Artillery and 3/2 2nd Calvary Regiment

o maintained and operated the Modular Catastrophic Recovery System (MCRS); increased recovery of damaged equipment by 50%

o provided recovery and welding support to 18th CSSB; restored multiple transportation missions

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