Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor NCOER Bullets

o created and coordinated maintenance training and servicing for multiple COTS generators for the Brigade TOC

o managed the Non-mission Capable (NMC) report over two consecutive years, producing a 99% average, exceeding the Army's 95% ORR goals

o maintained zero delinquencies for over 300 equipment items in warranty, modification work management and calibration programs

o supervised 30 major repairs while simultaneously maintaining 24-hour maintenance operational readiness during the Baltimore City Riots

o maintained 12 tactical and 10 non-tactical vehicles without the support of a maintenance team or budget

o managed the Non-mission Capable (NMC) report with a 97% average for two consecutive years

o exceeded the Army's 95% Operational Readiness Rate (ORR) goals

o managed the reception, staging, and onward movement of all Maryland National Guard units during the Baltimore City Riots

o completed myriad tasks of reconstructing the Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) program with zero delinquencies; best in the Group

o maintained zero delinquencies for over 300 pieces of equipment enrolled in warranty, modification work management or calibration programs

o orchestrated a maintenance program to bring the battalion's equipment with missing service data consisting of over 150 records out of tolerance up to date and to standard

o emphasis on command maintenance resulted in a unit placing first runner up in the DA-level competition for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence

o he directly affected the ability of the Group to maintain an equipment readiness rate over 95% through an aggressive inspection, repair and service program

o his technical expertise were consistently sought after and saved the Group from replacing over $50,000 in un-needed repair parts

o trained all Group senior maintenance personnel on the Army MMIS system resulting in a 100% MWO, SOUM and MAM completion and compliance rate

o coordinated and managed contracts for LBE and FOSOV maintenance contractors totaling in excess of $500,000

o revised the Group TMDE procedures which resulted in a zero percent delinqueny rate

o ensured that 100% of all Exchange Pricing items were returned on time which resulted in zero loss of Group funds; a multifaceted leader

o developed and integrated the deployment maintenance SOP into daily work which streamlined procurement and reduced maintenance delays by over 50%

o increased focus on the exchange price listing which brought delinquencies to zero balance and returned thousands of dollars to 25th TC

o provided expert and timely advice the unit commander on maintenance related issues

o supervised the preparation of all equipment for shipment back to CONUS

o spearheaded the unit's successful implementation of its road to war preparation

o held subordinate maintenance activity managers accountable for compliance with building codes and enforcing tough standards

o improvements due to his efforts can be quantitatively measured: a 50% average reduction in maintenance backlog for subordinate activities and a consistent operational readiness rate of above 90%

o supervised the succsessful completion of critical technical inspections

o shared technical expertise with team

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