MOS 920A, Property Accounting Technician OER Bullets

o maintained careful oversight, had zero FLIPLs over the course of 3 Change of Commands and two deployments

o oversaw lateral transfers that reduced inefficiency and improved the accountability of arms room equipment valued at more than $200,000

o revised and rebuilt over 60 component listing documents in the PBUSE system, dramatically increasing the ability to accurately forecast and fill shortages

o managed, inventoried, and distributed MTOE property valued at $5,300,449; ensured zero loss of the commander's organizational property

o closed down three Tactical Sensitive Compartmented Facilities (TSCIF) and recovered all accountable equipment and crypto

o fielded 7 million dollars worth of force modification equipment, raised the unit's supply readiness level by 40%

o accounted for 100% of all SSA supply requisitions, ensured strict adherence to the CSDP; culminated in a commendable rating

o developed a tracking system for civilian-issued weapons, garnered a 100% return rate/accountability and zero errors during the AAA audit of the section's property book

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