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G43 Action Officer

o coordinated the efforts of TACOM and PM Mortars to recall potentially dangerous and defective 120mm mortar tubes

o conceived of and implemented military flight training routes for unmanned aerial vehicles to enhance border security

o SFC Siemans integrated with the G43 Readiness Team and made immediate contributions to unit safety as the safety officer

Sanitation Team Leader

o trained new soldiers in sanitation responsibilities and planning

o provided the foundation for successful DOL North S&S mission

o volunteered for Field Sanitation Team duties while continuing primary duties

Logistics Officer

o streamlined the order requisition process; reduced delays and improved medical logistics section efficiency

o ensured timely delivery of medical supplies to outlying stations to facilitate military operations and prevent mission delays due to supply

o ensured that all required equipment was safely packed and moved to SOF-A without any loss or damage

System Retirement NCOIC

o accepted and stored 177 aircraft and 1,122 pieces of PGSE valued at over $2 billion pending DA divestment decisions or FMS requirements

Logistics Organization Integrator

o enabled the Force Management Division to make sound decisions in resourcing and defining ARNG force structure

o managed the evolution of the modern ARNG and ensured readiness and the ability to maintain the Nation's defense

Air Movement Planner

o planned and coordinated all CH-47 operations in Balad, Iraq as the CJSOTF-AP Liaison for the LTF-Joint Task Force

G4-LFS FSD Coordinator

o saved over $100,000 by activating 48 Food Service personnel to provide 60,000 meals compared to the $450,000 cost of catered meals

Platoon Misson Commander

o closed 6 FOB's and exfiltrated all equipment

o served as Team Leader for 3 Months

o trained Mission Commanders in 3 other units to maintain mission success

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