MOS 920B, Supply Systems Technician OER Bullets

o participated in the White Cell as the Support Operations Officer (SPO) for Class V for multiple units; contributed to the effectiveness and success of Panamex22

o displayed exceptional bearing while working with TCNs during 400 site visits and ensuring 100% contractor compliance

o demonstrated steadfast dedication to improving his physical fitness; led to a loss of 32 lbs and a 79 point increase on the APFT

o exuded confidence interacting with leaders senior in rank; processed complex maintenance requests supporting six units

o highly regarded as a maintenance SME throughout AOR; received a commendable rating during ARCENT OIP inspection

o reviewed and approved 115 contractor installation access requests; enabled Vectrus to fulfill critical manning requirements

o closely regulated the maintenance of the theatre Training Equipment Set; as a direct result the ORR never fell below 95%

o intensely managed nine CORs to ensure strict compliance on 22 sections of the $120 million K-BOSSS maintenance contract

o conducted weekly maintenance meetings; reduced equipment down time for 485 forward deployed units

o significantly increased contract maintenance support capability by coordinating the repair of two 10 ton overhead cranes

o developed a system to validate CORs; prevented gaps in contractor oversight and enabled mission success

o revised Brigade OIP checklists; increased the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection process for two SAVs

o provided COR training to verify contractor adherence to CTIP policies and standards; guaranteed no violations within his scope

o facilitated maintenance support for 485 customer units; resulted in the completion of over 5,000 maintenance work orders

o monitored contractor accounting of GFE and tool sets valued at $52,000,000; assured 100% accountability with zero losses

o assisted the joint distribution center with container management operations IOT track, ingate, and submit TMRs for 1,000 retrogrades ISO Camp Bucca

o advised Medical Supply Officer on requesting, receiving and disseminating units' Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for deployment to OEF

o established a unique intra-theatre transit of CLV III; ensured rapid distribution and delivery of critical life-saving products

o obtained funding and support for special operations weapons, specialized electronic radio systems, and light wheeled vehicles

o developed and distributed a daily logistics synchronization matrix to inform all military and civilian contractors of in- and outgoing sustainments

o conducted monthly PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched; first Support Battalion to have consistent error-free reporting

o advised BCT Surgeon Cell on turn-in, destruction, and accountability of Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for pre and redeployment of OEF XII

o supervised the turn in of 74 excess pieces of equipment valued at over $1.7 million without any rejections

o procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System decreasing oxygen ressupply wait from 2 weeks to less than 72 hours

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