MOS 921A, Airdrop Systems Technician OER Bullets

o cross-trained with the Parachute Riggers to ensure safety and mission success; successful drop with no damage to aircraft or personnel

o made 23 pallets weighing over 60,000 lbs in support of an airdrop mission ISO XXXXXXXX; provided only avenue for delivery of critical supplies

o coordinated with air force loadmaster school; developed simplified loading charts and communication OIs, reduced confusion

o revised operating instructions, replaced outdated TMs, and instituted periodic evaluations; increased skills and morale

o trained aircrews weekly on use of secure radios, equipment, and egress procedures; improved safety, increased readiness

o oversaw unit's first-ever fuel blivet drop, adapted haz cargo procedures; increased range of special operations personnel

o led the mission planning cell for the largest NATO exercise in ten years which included the consummate airdrop of over 500 paratroopers

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