MOS 923A, Petroleum Systems Technician OER Bullets

o distributed more than 3,000,000 gallons of JP8 to eight separate locations under the austere combat conditions

o identified, contained, and cleaned up a fuel spill in Charlie Company's motor pool; prevented harm to environment and personnel

o supplied 1,000 gallons of AVGAS to the Predators which was the DOD's largest UAV mission

o certified the Camp Bondsteel POL Lab for the first time in 5 years

o stood up 2nd Platoon's water purification station; freed unit from dependence on NATO unit and expanded operational capabilities

o maintained a 95% operational readiness rate for over $1 million worth of non-standard water purification equipment

o sampled over 70,000 gallons of fuel, tracked calibration of and repairs for 33 equipment items valued at $200,000

o responded to pipeline leak and identified six contaminated R-11s containing over 30,000 gallons of JP-8, secured $10 million in mission critical assets

o equipped forward operating base/forward operation location fuels lab with $12,000 of high demand testing items in less than 2 weeks

o performed and annualized 6 heavy hydrocarbons aviation gas tests for the Air Force Petroleum Agency Area Lab in support of 8 Army/unmanned aerial vehicle Predator forward operation bases

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