92F Petroleum Supply Specialist NCOER Examples

Water Treatment Specialist

o prepared five companies for deployment to multiple combat zones; ensured personnel were trained and equipment operational

o scheduled water cross-training for fuelers, truck drivers, and engineers multiplying self-sufficiency and expanding service

o trusted with responsibility for all water-related issues supporting the unit and exceeded expectations

o he was key factor in successful stand up of 1st Platoon's water purification station; freed unit from dependence on NATO unit

o she maintained a 95% operational readiness rate on over $1 million worth of non-standard water purification equipment

o implemented tough, realistic, and effective training for 3rd platoon's water purification section

o provided over 2 million gallons of purified water for FOB Speicher while deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 2

o produced 100,000 gallons of water daily to sustain Soldiers in MND North Iraq, contributed to overall success of the platoon's mission

o key to Company's successful move; maintained equipment at a high state of readiness during the move from Sea Girt to Fort Dix

o made critical on-the-spot repairs to the TWPS which enabled distribution of 70,000 gallons of water to 5,000 soldiers

o trained crew on set up and break down of TWDS and 20k bag

o volunteered for multiple details contributing to the overall mission's success of CSTX

o ensured all 154th QM Water Purification and Distribution Company equipment was accounted for

o demonstrated and instructed soldiers on radio practices, procedures and etiquette contributing to the improvement of the unit

o conducted OPFOR operations at the urban operations land during annual training

o executed the duties of ADVON, completed all tasks and provided necessary equipment for a seamless transition between the unit in Winterville and CSTX at Fort Dix

o overhauled maximum security cell block in Camp 5 and restored water service to 4 cells and cleared 2 sewer blockages

Petroleum Specialist

Petroleum Supply Specialist

o erected the 800K FSSP for Erbil, Iraq FOB; experience with the FSSP was instrumental to the unit's success

o conducted multiple water/ice distribution and fuel missions; delivered over 500 gallons of fuel and 1,700 lbs of water/ice

o ensured water buffalos, light sets, and generators were full and running at all times; indispensable to the 87th Troop command FTX and CPX success

o accounted for and issued more than 1,500,000 Gal of JP8 to support the 244th, Combat Aviation Brigade's mission during OIR

o completed over 40,000 fuel dispensing and managing the FARP (FORWAR ARMING REFUELING POINT) and NTC Rotation

o Received, stored, and preserved over 1,000,000 gallons of POL that served a camp of 1,300 residents

o performed duties as SAMS-E clerk, maintained necessary parts to keep rolling stock at a high readiness state

o served as the company's environmental officer, ensured everyone complied with standards

o conducted daily FARP inspections and weekly PMCS on equipment to maintain the Company's 100% readiness rate

o managed the fuel section of the distribution platoon; supervised 5 Soldiers, dispensed 7,000 gallons of fuel in support of vital convoy missions

o distributed over 100,000 gallons of F-24 fuel to support international operations over Somalia

o assumed responsibility for Pump Station #3 during AT and pumped over 1,500,000 gallons

o supervised operations and enforced safety procedures; was directly responsible for the operation crew sustaining zero injuries during the entire training mission

o trained 4 non-mos qualified soldiers to safely conduct fueling operations during annual training

o enforced safe operating procedures during a bulk fuel draw; facilitated squadron's mission

o delivered 50,000 gallons of purified water during a rotation to Pohakuloa Training Area

Aircraft Refueler

o ensured HEMTTs were mission capable; performed PMCS, minor repairs and topped-off side tanks

o made load sheets for each HEMTT and loaded all equipment that was needed during the AT period

o conducted inventory of HTAR systems and tagged equipment that was not operational

o ran Millipore samples to check fuel filter effectiveness; prevented potential failures

o key to the 101 CAB Combatives Team winning second overall during the Eagle Combatives Tournament

o introduced FARP training for JTF-B units; increased Joint Task Force expeditionary FARP capabilities

o used prior experience to teach and conduct hot re-fuel missions, issuing 5,000 pounds of fuel which directly supported battalion airborne operations

o participated in multiple convoy missions and transferred over 3,000 gallons of bulk fuel to the FSC

Section Sergeant

o was instrumental in the movement and distribution of more than 6,000,000 gallons of JP8 to eight separate locations in the austere conditions of combat

o identified, contained and cleaned up a fuel spill in Alpha Company's motor pool; prevented hazardous environment, eliminated threat to welfare

Platoon Sergeant

o assisted in the designing and planning of the expansion of FOB Salerno theater FARP and AHA; improved aircraft versatility and ammuntion storage capacity by 20%

o implemented and strictly enforced a fuel pilferage deterent system resulting in only 3% fuel losses from host nation fuel delivery contractors

o awarded the designation of Demonstrated Logistician and completed the Additional Duty Safety Course

o managed and maintained 100% operational readiness of three theater FARPS concurrently by providing non stop fuel and ammunition support 24/7

o outstanding mentorship and coaching resulted in Task Force NCO and Soldier of the Month winners during combat operations

o supported 2,000 flying hours during six exercises and issued 300,000 gallons of JP-8 in response to 115 fuel requests

o contributed to 2013 CAPEX; pumped 130,000 gallons of JP-8 for 34 C-130s which fueled successful 1,000-Ranger air assault exhibition

o served as a Company Slingload Inspector; rigged and inspected twelve non standard loads in direct support of remote located Task Force FARPs

o trained and rehearsed all Soldiers to be reactive and proactive in FARP and AHA safety procedures; resulting in flawless execution of all tasks

o instilled the desire to put forth the maximum effort in missions and duties; motivated his NCOs to take on tough missions and suceed

o responsible for and maintain over six million dollars worth of accountable MTOE equipment without loss or damage

o issued and maintained the storage of over five million gallons of JP-8 fuel and over seventy tons of ammunition valued at over twenty million dollars without loss

o directly responsible for ensuring his FARPs were in compliance with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations; highly praised during two safety inspections

o integrated expeditionary FARP training into the battle rhythm of JTF-B units; increased the Joint Task Force's expeditionary FARP capabilities

o Soldier was selected to be acting Platoon Sgt for an undetermined amount of time until the AGR position is filled

o NCOIC of the FSSP system at warrior exercise 91 14-03, pumping over 170,000 gallons of DF-2 diesel fuel

o due to his strong leadership no major accidents or spills occurred during warrior exercise 91 14-03

Aircraft Fuel Handler

o exceeded 10,000 gallons of F24 fuel; ensured the success of all refueling operations

o demonstrated exceptional motivation and dedication to his duties supporting 40th BSB operations

o developed and implemented procedures for FARP awareness and spill contingency plans

o served as Junior Team Leader at Peason Farp during JRTC

o recovered 5,000 gallons of JP-8 that was unaccounted for in logs

o refueled over 5,000 aircraft; issued over 1,000,000 gallons of fuel

o maintained 3 HEMTT Trucks and all basic issue items in top condition at all times

o trained shift NCO on closing daily and monthly fuel accountability reports

o kept aircraft on schedule and reduced required engineering support by 30%

o loaded 4,000 2.75 rockets and over 1,000,000 50 cal rounds ISO TF Lightning Horse

o performed 11 hot refueling operations and dispensed over 10K gallons of JP-8 with a record response time average of 9 minutes

o mastered the Army's most diverse hydrant system, routing 90K gallons of fuel to ten aircraft at 5 stations and enabling delivery of 20 tons of cargo

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