Petroleum Supply Specialist Awards

See also: U.S. Navy Fuels Specialist Awards and U.S. Air Force Fuels Management Awards

SGT Nunez was instrumental in the environmental protection, spill prevention, as well as site maintenance on Forward Operation Site. SGT Nunez ensured that all hazardous material was properly stored, and that all hazardous handling criteria were complied with IAW DoD 4145.19-R-1. SGT Nunez's constant adherence to the unit's Standard Operating Procedure ensured for a safe working environment by maintaining safe operating procedures and order and discipline throughout the fuel site.

PFC Long Phan served 12 months as a Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F) for 6-52 Air Defense Artillery (ADA) ALPHA Battery and was responsible for dispersing 10,000 gallons of JP8 at a unit price of $4.23 during his tenure. He participated in a six-day Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) Dragon Stance and supplied 400 gallons of petroleum in a support misson to Bravo Battery's Electronic Power Plant (EPP), Generators for launcher equipment, and Drash.

PFC Phan supported the 24 SEP-30 SEP Rodrigues Range Battalion Gunnery FTX as Armorer in charge of issuing and supplying 15 M-4, three M-2, and four 320s. Alpha Battery was tasked with hosting the 320 range so Alpha, Bravo, and Charley Batteries could qualify to the standard of TC3-20.40 Training and Qualification - Individual Weapons.

PFC Phan participated in multiple battalion FTXs in the Korean Theater of Operation, qualifying in two Air Defense Gunnery Table (ADGT) VIII within a year. In Reconnaissance Selection Occupation Position (RSOP), he successfully certified two stand alone ADGT IVs. His enthusiasm during RSOP ensured safety standards were met while his attention to detail enabled Soldiers and trainers to facilitate orderly, rapid, safe movement and emplacement at the designated position.

PFC Phan maintained 100% accountability of Alpha Battery's Fuel equipment valued at in excess of $92,529,000 in fuel. His attention to detail and technical competence enabled him to maintain the operational readiness rate above 95% at all times. While serving as a Petroleum Supply Specialist, he submitted accurate fuel reports to 35th Brigade, improving fuel accountability. PFC Phan's resilience and determination was an example for his peers to emulate. PFC Phan demonstrated selfless service, volunteered for the tougher tasks, and never wavered in his commitment while consistently demonstrating solid competence.

You are being counseled for your outstanding performance and contributions to our unit during the month of October. Throughout the past month, you have demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to your duties as a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Your performance and conduct have been exemplary, consistently upholding the highest standards of the Army. Your punctuality, reliability, and attention to detail have been exceptional. You have consistently shown up to work on time, at the right place, and in the right uniform, meeting and often exceeding Army standards. Your well-maintained uniform serves as an excellent example to your peers. In your primary role as a Petroleum Supply Specialist, you have played a vital role in ensuring our unit's fuel supply remains dependable and readily available. Your efforts at the fuel farm have been commendable, displaying a strong work ethic and ensuring all fuel-related tasks are carried out efficiently and safely. Your contributions in this capacity have had a significant positive impact on our unit's overall readiness and operational effectiveness. Beyond your individual accomplishments, you have shown the ability to motivate and encourage your peers. Your exemplary work ethic, punctuality, and commitment to Army standards set a high bar for those around you. Your positive attitude and willingness to assist and mentor others have fostered a more cohesive and effective unit environment.

Led the modernization efforts of the military service station, resulting in a streamlined and more efficient process for service members. Implemented new technologies and processes, reducing wait times and increasing overall satisfaction. Developed and trained a team of technicians on the updated systems, ensuring seamless transition and continued success. Demonstrated exceptional leadership, proactively addressing challenges and driving results, contributing to the success of the Army mission.

Spearheaded the modernization of the Fuels service center, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer service. Utilized innovative technologies and process improvements to streamline the delivery of fuels to support the mission. Trained and mentored a highly skilled team of technicians, promoting teamwork and a commitment to excellence. Demonstrated exceptional leadership by effectively managing resources and addressing challenges, contributing to the success of the Army fuels program.

Assistant PLT SGT during Operation Desert Shield/Storm setup. Operated terminal plt pipeline, working 84 hours per week for 10 months=3366 hours working with 18 (210,000) bags all at same time. Made sure 24 soldiers were fuel handler certified and their safety and welfare needs were met. Issued 10 (5000) tankers fuel and off-loaded 10 (5000) tankers plus issued JP4 through a pipeline to 7th Marine Corps at same time using 1250,350, and 100 gallon per minute pumps and generations. Conducted 3 point FARE (Forward Area Refueling Equipment) for hot refueling aircraft and helicopters with engines running.

For professional achievement as NCOIC, Fuels Training. Staff Sergeant Williams executed 12 ABFDS combat missions, delivering over 33,000 gallons of AVGAS downrange to Forward Operating Bases. Sergeant Williams also rewrote the Fuels section's rotational training program to match training tasks with METL progression, bolstering qualification by 30 percent. In addition, Sergeant Williams tracked 5 War Readiness Material R-11s, valued at more than $800,000, with zero discrepancies during a no-notice inspection. The noteworthy accomplishments of Sergeant Williams reflect credit upon himself, the 961st Quartermaster Company and the United States Army.

For meritorious service as Water & Fuels Systems Maintenance Specialist. Due to his experience, foresight, and preparation, Sergeant Knox received zero findings on the last two U.S. Coast Guard annual inspections of the Petroleum, Oil, and Lubrication (POL) fuel off-loading dock. In addition, he simultaneously monitored the annual $70,000 oil-water separator contract, ensuring continued optimum performance throughout this period. Further, he selflessly volunteered to backfill and assist base POL workers during periods of manpower shortages. The noteworthy accomplishments of Sergeant Knox reflect credit upon himself, CRTC Gulfport Air National Guard and the United States Army.

Master Sergeant Bernard oversaw the issue of 20 million gallons of fuel that supported over 20,000 combat training missions and 23 United States Army exercises annually. His attention to detail guaranteed 100 percent accountability of seven product fuel accounts valued at more than $120,000,000. In addition, during this period he deployed to AL Udeid Air Base, Qatar, where he coordinated fuel movements on the busiest flight line in the Department of Defense. He supervised the issue of 11 million gallons of fuel to over 1,700 vehicles and aircraft. His actions aided in the ultimate success of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM. His expertise and experience was indispensable to the Battalion receiving an "Excellent" rating. Finally, Sergeant Bernard's supervision and dedication to the section's mission solidified its selection as the recipient of the American Petroleum Institute Award for the "Best Fuels Section" in the Army 2012. The noteworthy accomplishments of Sergeant Bernard reflect credit upon himself, 961st Quartermaster Company and the United States Army.

Petroleum Supply Specialist/Squad Leader. Deployed as a fuel handler at COP Nangalam and conducted over 200 refuel missions which ensured the Reefer units, generators and other critical support equipment were always operational.

PFC Malone's expertise as a Petroleum Supply Specialist was a key function of the initial setup of the 196th Infantry Brigade JPMRC Instrumentation System from 02 May to 10 May 2017 at Yakima Training Center. His operational knowledge of the M978A4 HEMTT Fuel Truck greatly aided in the requisition of and safe distribution of over 1,600 gallons of F24 fuel to the 196th Infantry Brigade vehicles and generators. PFC Malone's on-site presence ensured all F24-powered equipment was fueled and prepared for the upcoming JPMRC rotational training exercise.

SPC C's expertise as a Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F) was a key function for the Division Tactical Command Post (DTAC) training exercise from 01 September to 10 October 2015. His operational knowledge of the M978A4 Fuel Truck greatly aided in requisitioning and dispensing of over 7,000 gallons of F24 fuel to the DTAC vehicles and generators. SPC C's on site presence ensured all F24 powered equipment was fueled and prepared for 24 hour operations throughout the DTAC rotational training exercise.

PV2 Rayburn played an instrumental role in the success of the 551st Military Police Company's Live Fire Exercise (LFX). PV2 Rayburn spent countless hours ensuring that our unit's Tank and Pump Unit (TPU) was fully mission capable in order to issue over 500 gallons of fuel to over 15 vehicles during this exercise. This is the first successful re-fuel mission the Battalion has conducted in over 24 months, saving the 551st a full day's worth of valuable training time by keeping their vehicles from making two hour round trips to refuel.

SPC AKO, AUDRY has shown unwaivering and tireless effort in performing her duties as a 92F for ALPHA COMPANY, 29TH BSB. SPC Ako works along side other Fueler Handlers but distinguishes herself by her "can do" attitude and devotion to excellence. SPC Ako has proved in numerous Field Training Excercises that soldering and working go hand in hand.

PFC Smalls has proven his technical proficiency in OEF Afghanistan 11-12 by being able to troubleshoot and repair operator level maintenance issues on the Lonewolf Farp at FOB Salerno. PFC Smalls was instrumental in reconstructing the FARP to standard allowing it to reach max efficiency and pass all safety inspections.

o graduated at the top of his class from MOS school with a 94% average and scored superior on all evaluations

o exceeded expectations of staff and is a soldier worthy of emulation

o accepted challenges and views assignments as opportunities for growth

o devotion to duty and earnest desire for success have made him a capable aircraft refueler

PFC Carmen Africano has shown unwaivering and tireless effort in performing her duties as a 92F for ALPHA FSC, 1-38 FA. PFC Africano works along side other Fueler Handlers but distinguishes herself by her "can do" attitude and devotion to excellence. PFC Africano has proved in numerous Field Training Excercises that soldering and working go hand in hand.

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