Petroleum Laboratory Specialist
NCOER Bullets

o performed over 6,000 analysis on 1.3 thousand samples; ensured quality and facilitated readiness

o was a vital component during element's semi-annual assessment earning an outstanding rating

o implemented step-by-step systematic compliance with policy

o supplied 1,000 gallons of AVGAS to the Predators which was the DOD's largest UAV mission

o certified the Camp Bondsteel POL Lab for the first time in 3 years

o conducted water fording training during his time as Det. NCOIC for CCMRF

o supervised quality control for five different HEMTT fuel tankers on the AASF#2 flight line

o calibrated six pantograph meters in eight hours, enabled accurate inventory of jet fuel

o sampled over 50,000 gallons of fuel, tracked calibration of and repairs for 45 equipment items valued at $95,000

o responded to pipeline leak which identified six contaminated R-11's containing over 38,000 gallons of JP-8, secured $1.1 billion in mission critical assets

o led three person crew, directed damaged line exposure and repair, saved Army $20,000 in costs

o managed the quality control of the largest fuel account in the Area of Responsibility

o modernized the 1940's-style fuel system by installing pantograph systems on the fill stands and replacing flow control valves in the pump house and the outlet control valves on the storage tanks

o volunteered for and attended numerous schools: Fuels Accounting, Transportable Hydrant Re-fueling System, and Fuels Lab

o deployed to Aviano, Italy which was a refueling hub in support of Operation Allied Force supporting ops in Bosnia

o collected 756 samples and performed 2220 analyses ensuring the integrity of 115 million gallons of jet fuel

o supported the buildup of Bagram Air Base Afghanistan fuels lab

o assembled and shipped more than $10,000 worth of high-demand fuel testing equipment in less than two weeks

o performed 5 critical grey foam tests for a C130 Hercules, validating fuel tank integrity in support of OPERATION NEW DAWN

o provided detailed training, licensing, and review of key operational readiness requirements for his unit

o equipped forward operation base/forward operation location fuels lab with $9,000 of high demand testing items in less than 2 weeks

o performed and annualized 6 heavy hydrocarbons aviation gas tests for the Air Force Petroleum Agency Area Lab in support of 8 Army/unmanned aerial vehicle Predator forward operation bases

o completed 9.5K samples/analyses; ensured quality of 120M+ gallons of fuel in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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