CMF 96 Intelligence NCOER Bullets

CMF 96, Intelligence was changed to CMF 35, Intelligence in 2007

96B Intelligence Analyst


o provided ready answers to Task Force XXXX's and Task Force XXXXX's Priority Intelligence Requirements

o produced and delivered daily intelligence summaries and a weekly AO assessment to planners to aid in choosing course of action

o orchestrated multi-agency cooperation and intel sharing between CBP, OFO, and Navy partners which increased clarity of overall status

o assessed enemy threat to operations prior to engaging through HUMINT exploitation and prevented losses

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96D Imagery Analyst

o provided oversight during Afghan elections; monitored polling sites and ensured Afghan elections success

o identified eight operational rocket launchers aimed at FOB; thwarted impending attack, saved lives and equipment

o produced over 1200 fresh intel products supporting OIF/OEF

o provided critical and up to date intel to ground forces and was key to safety and operational success

o rendered support during safehouse raid resulting in six IED emplacers detained and zero friendlies hurt

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96H Common Ground Station (CGS) Operator

o produced powerpoint updates on the Somali Transitional Government's impending offensive on the insurgent group Al-Shabaab, qualified success

o provided OSRVT and DCGS-A capabilities during NTC Rotation 09-11


o disseminated relevant, accurate and real-time intelligence to seven companies

o volunteered over 100 hours teaching English in Slovakia

o authored, coordinated and established an MOA between the Army, Navy and Air Force

o briefed Air Force and Navy decision makers and staff weekly

o closed out 120 All Source Eyelid Reports (ASERs); saved countless lives within the CENTCOM AOR

o maintained networking forum which facilitated information sharing between 6 Ground Liaison Detachments

o developed a comprehensive ASER tracker which was adopted by the DGS-1 DART and improved follow through

o assisted the intelligence section in the administrative responsibility for over 200 soldiers

o produced a daily graphical intelligence summary and weekly AO assessment that was used by over 900 individuals within the AOR

o assisted in all facets of office management: map custodian, security clearance management, access roster mgt and submissions to Brigade

96R Ground Surveillance Systems Operator

o instructed a allied nation's SIGINT element on EUCOM-provided SIGINT collection equipment

o established himself as resident expert on the setup and operation of the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System

o trained one officer and two Soldiers on processing intercepted foreign ship threat communications

o improved partner nation's SIGINT processing, exploitation, and dissemination capability by modernizing their existing analytical and reporting processes

o researched, produced, and briefed the costs, benefits and alternatives of a Low Level Voice Intercept team and their equipment

o expanded SIGINT access into the Black Sea dramatically

o provided valuable input for more than 20 intelligence reports; aided in identifying intelligence trends and needs throughout the operating environment

o conducted hands-on training on the required maintenance and deployment of the Wolfhound and PRD-13 man-portable Signals Intelligence System

o compiled a comprehensive, all-inclusive database of personnel in the Daman district using the SEEK II program

o cross-trained with the 92Y section; preparation produced unmatched equipment readiness

o provided influential and motivating leadership to team members in team leader's absence

o displayed high level of professionalism, diplomacy, and tact, a prime example of the total soldier concept

96U Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

o maintained accountability of an UAS valued at over $7 million without loss or any damages while acting as Aircraft Commander during numerous missions

o flew over 120 UAS combat flight hours in support of OND with no incidents or accidents

o exercised rigorous attention to detail and enforced safety practices during all training, resulting in no injuries or equipment damage

o oversaw the TUAS maintenance program and ensured three air vehicles were Fully Mission Capable at all times

o detailed PMIS produced a spectacular 95% operational rate for the BDE's only class II Tactical UAV

o dedicated his efforts to the Shadow TUAS evaluation which led to the complete success of the Limited User Test for the Shadow TUAS

o spotted 13 INS armed with RPGs heading toward a convoy and directed the Scout Weapons Team to the location; resulted in 3 enemies KIA and 3 enemies detained

o contributed to the success of the Company's 4,000 accident free combat flight hours

o achieved over 25 IO hours while instructing new UAS Operators in a combat theater

o set the standard for work ethic; heeded the call of excellence by working long hours to ensure accomplishment of all tasks during deployment operations

o prepared and supervised over 15 Full Motion Video (FMV) and Signal Intelligence (SIGNINT) missions contributing to the success of TF 6-30 in support of OND

o revived the Platoon's operational SOP and streamlined operations without sacrificing safety.

o Served as Aircraft Commander for the MQ-1C while conducting over 40 Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions for 25th ID during OND

o motivated his subordinates by demonstrating genuine concern for their well being by assisting them with solid solutions for personal problems

o instructed new Soldiers on the Grey Eagle UAS, resulting in two Operators obtaining Readiness Level (RL1)

o developed three combat Warriors by training them on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBD) preparing them for deployment in support of OND

o consistently drew upon past combat experiences to prepare Soldiers for deployment in support of OND

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