Orderly Room NCOER Bullets

o established a company orderly room and created programs to ensure company readiness; organized efforts and increased the overall effectiveness of the unit

o provided centralized personnel and administrative management; essential to the daily operations of Echo company 1-101ST Aviation Regiment

o managed and completed personnel actions and a variety of additional administrative tasks which proved instrumental to the success of the company's daily actions

o worked in several positions as O-room Clerk, Training NCO, and squad leader; played a major role in Alpha Company operations and contributed to the success of B Company and the 707th mission

o served as Orderly Room NCO, 411th ASB, while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; maintained order, provided support under shifting command and conditions

o tracked and processed over 150 unscheduled leaves and passes while maintaining a 99% manning rate; vital to sustained operations

o organized and prepared the unit for redeployment and reintegration into central region after their 15 month deployment with zero loss of accountability

o ensured all Soldiers' DTS was completed properly, that they were paid correctly and that all promotion packets were checked and sent to home station for mailing

o conducted a class on assembling and disassembling the M4 assault rifle and doing a functions check; aided Training NCO and eliminated training shortfall

o processed all administrative functions for 250 personnel across two UTCs and several operational specialties; sustained daily operations

o executed her assigned tasks in a timely manner; facilitated and directly impacted the company's ability to meet HHC suspenses in advance

o assisted the HHC orderly room; made significant contributions to the overall success of the unit's deployment readiness

o welcomed and guided new Soldiers through appropriate and complete in-processing procedures; improved and streamlined integration into operations

o attended all leadership meetings, kept informed of deployment updates and kept Soldiers apprised on changes; guaranteed section was ahead of schedule

o managed and assisted in the operations of the HHC orderly room; directly enhanced the company's ability to accomplish the mission

o processed and routed more than 1,000 pieces of correspondence, 80 awards, and 148 performance reports; ensured complete and timely submission of official record entries

o served as liaison between the Battalion and the unit; processed 46 qualifications, 49 reenlistments, 35 extensions, and 27 special requests

o anticipated taskings and took the initiative to prepare for or complete tasks beforehand; increased company readiness exponentially

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