Orderly Room Duty Descriptions

ARNG Orderly Room NCO
Serves as Orderly Room NCO; oversees all enlisted personnel actions for the 194th Brigade to include Interstate Transfers, Inactive National Guard processing, Conditional Release processing, Hardship Discharge Requests, Promotions, Reductions, Intrastate Transfers, and MOS actions; as Boards NCOIC, responsible for acceptance and review of Enlisted Promotion Packets and quality control of Enlisted Boards; supervises two Soldiers and one civilian.

Orderly Room NCO
Serves as Orderly Room NCO; responsible for personnel and administrative support for over 30 Soldiers; processes, reviews, and coordinates all actions pertaining to administrative actions and military awards; screens and updates promotion packets for semi-centralized Promotion Boards; establishes and maintains unit Alert Rosters; tracks, coordinates, and schedules APFT, weapon qualifications, and required training for Soldiers in the Platoon; issues unit patches and unit supplies.

Orderly Room Clerk
Serves as Orderly Room Clerk; reviews Soldier in- and out-processing and birth month audits; maintains military personnel files, medical and dental records; prepares and types all correspondence; schedules and processes annual evaluations; maintains unit morale programs; processes all requests for promotions, OCS, awards, and decorations; answers phones; logs and tracks leave requests, passes and all other admin requirements; posts changes to Army regulations and other publications.

Orderly Room NCOIC
Serves as Orderly Room NCOIC; provides administrative support for the Company; manages daily office operations; acts as liaison between the company and the Battalion S1; tracks all administrative actions between the Battalion and the company; manages the day-to-day calendar for the Company leadership; drafts meeting agendas; facilitates meetings and conferences; maintains electronic file systems and paper files; routes contracts, invoices, and documents as required; provides recurring counseling and rating for two Soldiers and one civilian.

Training NCO
Serves as Training NCO; assists the Orderly Room NCOIC with all aspects of training, qualification, and readiness; coordinates, schedules, and tracks all training for all company Soldiers and civilians; monitors training status and forecasts shortfalls; produces monthly and quarterly training reports; briefs higher headquarters on training status monthly; represents the unit at and attends Battalion and external meetings for training; develops, updates and produces admin documents using MS Excel and Word.

Operations NCO
Serves as Operations NCO; assists the Orderly Room NCOIC with daily and recurring operations as needed; coordinates ranges, obtains ammo and weapons; conducts barracks room inspections and vehicle inspections for personnel going on leave; assists with all APFT, weapons training and testing, CTT, SRP, PAI, CIP, etc; provides keys and building access to employees and visitors; forecasts, plans, and executes Promotion and Change of Command ceremonies;

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