Quality Assurance NCOER Bullets

o evaluated Soldier maintenance practices; validated shop training plan and ensured compliance with Technical Manuals and Safety protocols

o briefed shop on ESD requirements; reinforced best practices; protected over $2,000,000 in communications and test equipment

o served as NCOIC of Standards/Evaluations; completed 29 position qualifications and annual certifications despite 25% manning shortfall

o completed Staff Assistance Visit to Fort Bragg; evaluated maintenance programs and recommended changes; facilitated 30% improvement

o guided 124 Soldiers in completing 782 maintenance actions; oversaw 9 work centers and completed 23 special inspections and 22 technical evaluations

o led six Soldiers and two civilians in providing QA and contractor liaison support for over 80 construction projects valued at more than 20 million dollars

o monitored maintenance efforts aggressively in preparation for the upcoming inspection; aided in the completion of 214 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions

o ensured compliance with standards; provided vigilant oversight of 3,200 work requests while maintaining 100% mission readiness and minimal impact to operations

o monitored, trained and maintained seven inspection-ready programs for nine units; ensured compliance with standards throughout the command

o supported the successful execution of over 1,000 sorties, 2,200 mishap-free flight hours, and the advanced combat training of 37 aircrew members

o his meticulous attention to detail was a key factor in the Command receiving a grade of "on track" with laudatory comments during the Commander, Aviation Maintenance Inspection

o orchestrated and managed six programs within the maintenance department; ensured the aggressive implementation of and strict adherence to all maintenance regulations

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