Quality Control Duty Descriptions

QA Team Member
Serves as the Commander's liaison for maintenance and safety; maintains relationships with workcenter managers; arranges inspection schedules; researches maintenance and operational standards for all unit equipment and functions; inspects equipment for compliance with maintenance standards; evaluates personnel for training progression and training plan effectiveness; identifies safety hazards and risks; ensures all required safety equipment is present and operational; records findings, takes corrective measures, and follows up on long term efforts; evaluates and conducts acceptance inspection on all new equipment.

QA Inspector
Maintains quality standards by approving incoming materials, in-process production, and finished products; conducts visual and measurement tests; communicates required adjustments to supervisors; documents inspection results by completing reports and logs; summarizes re-work and waste; inputs data into quality database; keeps measurement equipment operational; maintains safe and healthy work environment; ensures compliance with regulations and OSHA requirements; distributes lessons learned; accomplishes quality and organization mission by supplementing related results as needed.

91C30 Senior Chemical and Quartermaster Equipment Repairer
Serves as the Senior Chemical and Quartermaster equipment repairer of 947th Quartermaster Company in a Petroleum Support Company; responsible for the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions, and counseling of 42 Soldiers and 5 Non-Commissioned Officers as Platoon Sergeant of 4th Platoon; inspects and troubleshoots air conditioner units, refrigeration units, 350 GPM pumps used for Fuel System Supply Points, and heaters; performs maintenance management activities, including quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) over scheduled vehicle and equipment services and repairs.

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