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o processed over 3,000 samples for X Co, with zero compromised sample jars successfully sent for testing; ensured system integrity

o selected by the Battalion Commander to be the Battalion UPL representative; resulted in passing over 10 UPL annual certification

o served as the Support Command's primary UPL and ensured annual requirements were met or exceeded each year. She also assisted Installation alcohol and drug control officers with training subordinate battalions.

o selected to conduct duties as a company UPL NCO due to his abilities to lead others and comply with strict Army standards

o certified as a UPL; supported the Commander's program through 15 testing, training, and awareness events

o maintained strict but fair program; kept individuals and the mission on track

o his ability to learn and assume responsibility for critical programs led to assignment of the following additional duties: Unit Prevention Leader and DTMS and TAMIS programs

o assisted with arranging and conducting 7214th Army Reserve TMC Detachment unit urinalysis at Port Hueneme Naval Base

o obtained urinalysis supplies and forms needed to accomplish the unit urinalysis mission

o served as the battalion unit prevention leader and oversaw the program for five companies and two detachments; received 100% during the commander's ICI

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o maintained unit standards and community health with professional Unit Prevention program

o facilitated the screening of 212 military members; was key to the success of three unit inspections, two of which took place during indirect fire

o enthusiastic, eagle-eyed NCO; enforced Army's zero tolerance drug policy

o mature leader; upheld Army standards

o one of only two Soldiers qualified to conduct urinalysis testing; revived critical program

o tested 100% of the company's Soldiers with zero deficiencies noted on turnover of samples to the state lab

o stood up new detachment UPL program; researched and acquired all necessary equipment, supplies, and regulations, successful program underway

o embraced unpopular duty, validated unit's quality and adherence to standards

o facilitated Bn Drug Reduction program; observed 77 urinalysis tests; enhanced substance abuse prevention

o Urinalysis Monitor; observed 76 individuals, allowed program to function flawlessly to ensure a drug free military

o volunteered as assistant urinalysis coordinator; dedication and attention to detail ensured zero tolerance

o trained and qualified 6 Soldiers as urinalysis observers; increased overall readiness for Ft Stewart

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