Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) Duty Descriptions

Serves as the Unit Prevention Leader; carries out the Commander's intent; obtains and maintains urinalysis supplies and forms; develops and presents educational material; educates Battalion members on the consequences of illegal drug use; maintains strict control of materials; coordinates with staff, medical personnel and unit representatives to schedule and conduct unit urinalysis; conducts urinalysis program in accordance with UCMJ and regulation requirements; provides written and verbal testimony for courts-martials; ensures a drug free military.

Maintains and executes the installation Urinalysis Program; develops and implements a random sampling schedule to maintain 10 percent testing; ensures fair and random testing of all personnel including tenant units; obtains and stocks materials; coordinates and conducts urinalysis testing; ensures collection, storage, and shipment of samples is in compliance with DoD Policy; maintains positive chain of custody; trains unit assistants in the collection, packaging, and recording process; enforces the Army's zero tolerance drug policy.

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