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See also: MOS 46S, Mass Communications Specialist

o transfered and updated Government Travel Card accounts in the Bank of America's web-based system; reduced errant delinquencies by 20%

o learned C++, Java, and HTML; enabled the creation of the first cross-platform app for division use

o developed the Iron Brigade app; used by 10,000 people across 12 countries; delivers information from the Commander and CSM to keep Soldiers informed

o rebuilt SIPR share point site for the NETOPS Branch; restored RCC-P operations in less than an hour and streamlined operations

o posted 5,000 photos, 13 print articles, two memorial videos, and incorporated the PAO department's "React to Media" class; memorialized unit history

o developed, coordinated, and hosted a technical course on-line; enhanced the capability of the Afghanistan National Army's 2-215 BDE Public Affairs Office

o maintained the unit SharePoint website; ensured all personnel had access to pertinent information, including plans-of-the-month, qualification progress, and after-action reports

o prepared virtual classrooms for COVID-19 training for 165th BDE; ensured there were no lapses in training for BCT recruits

o supervised five Combat Camera Soldiers attached to Fort Meade at the Joint Visitors Bureau; exceeded expectations and posted over 2,000 original photos

o participated in five Network Integration Evaluations; photos from NIE were published on many platforms including the FORSCOM Newspaper

o recorded 2/1 ABCT actions in the field in print, photos, and video; increased facebook traffic for the unit by 35 percent

o deployed twice in support of OEF and provided webmaster support for the Joint Intelligence Operations Center in Afghanistan; provided vital updates regarding revolution developments

o logged almost 20,000 miles capturing training; efforts resulted in most webpage visits per day in unit history

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