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Hospital Center

o fostered a strong partnership with division G3 leaders; ensured all resourcing requirements for nine DRUs were met without fail

o spearheaded the HC training OIP program; ensured compliance of 9 DRUS with a 90% commendable rating

o generated 30 OPORDS and training directives; enhanced C2 for HC, MED BDE and Corp

o mentored 15 junior leaders on staff communications, orders production and troop leading procedures

o synchronized the planning and execution of four global mission sets and two contingency prepare to deploy operations


o moved 7 TACLANES and 4 network switches to two separate countries for mission support of air defense artillery on the 160th SC network in the whole OIR

o coordinated with joint staff and USCENTCOM as Mission Assurance Assessor; produced three Mission Assurance Assessment reports on Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain

o led CCJ34-MAA in assessments of Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain; identified 75 vulnerabilities and provided risk assessments and viable solutions

o shared information across multiple service components and coordinated support from the host nation during Bright Star 2023; ensured the success of a multi-national exercise

o coordinated the fielding, retrograde and transfer of over 175 track vehicles valued at over $500 million; directly supported the Brigade's success during NTC rotation

o averted near-daily scheduling crisis, drove project milestones, and revised reporting instructions leveraging USAREUR priorities

o facilitated an enhanced situational awareness of airspace issues for the Brigade Commander and his staff, allowing them to focus command and control on the battlefield

o maintained up-to-the-minute status reports and kept HQ apprised of all changes; reduced response time by 40%

o flawlessly executed BN's four AT mission taskings, pushing over 75 personnel to multiple installations resulting in 100% of assigned missions completed (68G)

o headed Bn reorganization and governed an internal manpower study, interviewed key personnel and evaluated over 80 tasks to ensure a seamless transition of four sections during manpower reduction

o took charge of operations in the company command post in addition to regular duties after the company leadership was incapacitated by indirect fire

o oversaw 28 couriers, managed 63 air and road missions, and dispatched 23K lbs of classified material on time; handled command and control operations effortlessly

o provided around-the-clock Tactical Operations Center support

o provided experienced guidance and direction for the officers within the G3

o logged over 100 Medevac requests, coordinated chain of command notification, and initiated appropriate responses

o notified Command Team of CCIRs and NIPR blackouts, reporting failures within minutes of occurrence and reducing restoral times by 50%

o guaranteed the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center

o assisted the Battle NCO in monitoring and updating DCO, providing up-to-the-minute situational awareness

o provided Close Air Support for the infil of three CH-47 Chinooks in support of Operation Mongoose

o kept all units updated on current weather, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, MedEvac status, and on-going operations

o coordinated daily with Pacific Air Force Command Sensitive Operations Center to support COMSEC requirements



o as Operations NCO, worked around the clock tracking all of 1175th Trans HET convoys from Kuwait to Iraq and back

o established the Tactical and Logistical Operating Center

o developed stages for transfering Camps Julien and Alamo to the Government of Afghanistan during the reduction of force phase ISO ISAF

o acknowledged by Battalion Commander for developing a comprehensive transportation that integrated all requirments

o choreographed the battalion's total transportation plan with seven DOD and contract agencies during OEF Distribution Conferences

o provided mature leadership as the BN OPS NCOIC, while remaining flexible and mission-focused during the rapidly evolving requirements of a forward deployed Transportation Battalion

o initiated and supervised the consolidation, removal and retrograde of over 200 containers from within RC-Capital, Afghanistan, saving the U.S. government millions of dollars

o his planning and coordination supported three transportation companies in the completion of over twenty missions

o surmounted all obstacles; accepts nothing less than total success

Chemical Company

o increased unit's ASI L4 qualification rate from 20% to 75% dramatically raising the unit's readiness level and confidence

o accepted responsibility for operational success or failures and took appropriate actions

o selected for and served as Operations Sergeant at both Fort Campbell and CENTCOM Forward-Jordan

o as Ops NCO, he ensured all company M40 pro masks were inspected and ensured their serviceability prior to the COMET inspection

o as MCP and CF-J NCOIC, he provided assistance to the Battle Majors ensuring fluid operation within and between two CPs

o oversaw information management of messages and orders and monitored COIC Battle Drill program, keeping 13 Officers, NCOs, and staff proficient and current on operations, procedures, and ABC systems

o provided subject matter expertise supporting G3 in the establishment of a chemical defense plan for KASOTC and JTC

o selected by CF-J SGM to spearhead a leadership exchange, mentoring 43 Jordanian NCOs of the 3rd Mechanized Battalion Command

o received 100% on the M40 pro mask portion of the COMET inspection due to his oversight

o conducted a productive M9 range with Special Operations Forces, using an array of standard training and impovisation, qualifying more than 70 Soldiers

o his outstanding performance and dedication to duty was a major factor in the success of A CO 640th ASB passing the COMET inspection

o completed over twenty GSE missions in support of Task Force Troy

Quartermaster Co

o pursued and resolved countless cooddination issues and led efforts to reorganize and focus the staff for greater efficiency

o directed several key action groups that made sweeping changes that significantly increased staff efficiency and resource savings

o his mentoring of new personnel set the bar for achievement and success

o applied extensive knowledge and substantial experience to eliminate obstacles to smooth operations

Special Forces Medic (18D)

o conducted MFFJM refresher training; ensured MFF skill proficiency of 15 MFF jumpers in the organization

o implemented SOCM PFC curriculum change; improved PFC capability of all future USSOCOM medics

o chosen for technical expertise to create digital multimedia content; enhanced learning on PFC website for 100 medics daily

o trained 23 NSOCM instructors from 10 strategic NATO partner countries; filled critical allied medical capability gap

o performed DZSO duties three times; resulted in jump proficiency of over 300 jumpers with zero injury or loss

o volunteered free time to create 13 PFC podcasts; accessed and used by 696 students per year on the SOCM LMS portal

o led an overseas deployment of seven cadre to train the pilot course of NATO SOCM; became the unit SME for foreign travel

o distinguished himself as primary instructor during USASOC SLJM Course; qualified 45 new USASOC SLJMs

o completed seven credit hours of upper level college courses; maintained a 4.0 GPA at Excelsior College

o hosted 12 general officer and distinguished guest visitor tours of XXXX; served as an ambassador for the organization

o restored a sense of urgency to TOC activities and welded a disparate group of NCOs into a team

o fostered and maintained a subject matter expert and liaison relationship with TRADOC for the Command's Equipment Review and Validation Board process

o revised and improved the command's metrics which increased our forecast accuracy by 50% and ensured the unit was deployable

o set himself apart from 66 of his peers by maintaining a 99% grade point average at the Advanced Leadership Course

o was instrumental to the successful execution of OSC Niamey's National Police training of 200 police in support of border patrol operations for MNJTF

o implemented an agressive study plan while at the Advanced Leadership Course; resulted in a 97% grade point average and selection to the Commadant's List

o managed the life cycle replacement of IT systems and successfully recycled over $80,000 of antiquated computer systems at DRMO

o coordinated the transfer and fielding of 140 equipment items valued at over $2 million; actions directly affected the Command's readiness

o achieved operational goals for Chief of Staff of the Army joint sourcing mission

25U Senior Operations Officer

o his emphasis on safety resulted in the unit having over 365 accident-free days and no DUI-related incidents

o directly responsible for the unit improving its status for NCO-ERs and OERs completions and close-outs

o meticulously tracked and maintained Soldier preparedness for Battalion and Brigade level staff during M-16 and M-9 range qualifications resulting in zero safety incidents

o his training methods resulted in his battalion maintaining all mandatory training requirements with a 100% completion rate ahead of deadline

o developed and trained over 12 newly assigned battalion personnel in all aspects of OPSEC and security management after the OIF redeployment and re-organization

o devoted mentor and trainer that assumed night time operations of TOC, allowing his subordinates to receive a 100% success rate on METL tasks during annual training

o instrumental in the Battalion s success in meeting mandatory training requirements as Operations NCOIC with zero deficiencies, while maintaining 3.89 GPA

o flawlessly conducted four separate briefing to all battalion personnel in preparation for mobilization/deployment in support of contingency operations

o due to certifications, assumed additional duties as the Equal Opportunity Leader and SHARP for battalion during unit's reorganization after mobilization


o helped set up a temporary Emergency Operations Center as a functional EOC, proving critical command and control

o provided professional and expert input to HQ operational planning and execution of critical tasks

Camp Striker

o estimated requirements and arranged food and water pick up and drops for over 10,0000 Soldiers across 20 kilometers daily

o served as container manager for Camp Striker and FOB Cropper, diligently planning for all contingencies

o monitored and enforced Container Management Policies on behalf of the Commander

o coordinated with 5 different units for MILCON-related issues and support, meeting all needs

o ensured all coalition service members and contractors on Camp Striker and FOB Cropper had adequate water

Civil Support Team

o tracked and scheduled over 1,000 hours of technical training for 77 Soldiers and Airmen

o his alertness and attention to detail ensured the TOC's ability to manage the fight while also reinforcing the Commander's span of command and control

o enabled continuous operation of VSAT, Blue Force Tracker and tactical communications throughout the exercise

o assumed hazard modeling duties and provided predictive analysis to commanders and civilian authorities, reducing threat exposure

Training Regiment

o orchestrated the Battalion's live fire exercise, firing over 5,000 155mm artillery rounds with no accidents

o outstanding professionalism and knowledge made him a stand out among the Army's best 13D AFATDS instructors

o conducted NBC chambers for 3 companies bringing Battalion into 100% compliance with FORSCOM training and deployment requirements

Special Forces Group (Airborne)

o single-handedly stood up SOTF-S and assumed duties as the MISO planner

o aided in the training of multiple Tactical Directors in the Information Coordination Center who received perfect scores in their Operational Readiness Evaluations

o supervised two consecutive POI's providing students with the best training in over two years

o his dedication to the mission and the team was above reproach

o kept information and equipment flowing continuously to all teams in his area of operation

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