Operations NCO Award Examples

Operations Specialist

- SSG Griffin quickly adapted from Transportation Specialist for CRC 10 to his new position as Operations Specialist within the 1st month of mobilization. He accepted responsibility for learning to in-process contractors deploying through CRC and building daily reports required for daily functions.

- As the Operations Specialist for CRC 10, SSG Griffin helped in-process over 123 contractors deploying to 11 countries spanning the AOR from July 2021 through June 2022. He ensured contractors had all required documents required for their final destination in order for them to deploy on time.

- SSG Griffin facilitated timely, clear, and concise communication within the Operations Section so that everyone was aware of issues or concerns. In addition, he followed up with six different contractor companies for any issues their contractors might have faced while getting through CRC and informed them of issues identified by CRC Cadre in order for the companies to resolve them for their contractors in a timely manner.

- SSG Griffin took over the role of preparing and presenting the MILAIR Flight brief for contractors to make sure they were aware of and prepared for all protocols and guidelines when flying out of Fort Bliss via MILAIR to Qatar and onto their final destinations.

Operations Officer

Captain Harvey's unusual efforts in coordinating the successful and on-time execution of a non-standard mission have greatly increased the ability of JTF-LS Task Force West. His superior performance in excelling at the accomplishment of including the newly created Contingency Response Force into existing Operation Steel Curtain operations reflect great credit upon himself, and the Texas Military Department's efforts on Operation Lone Star.

-CPT Harvey planned for the execution of a state level exercise by including the Contingency Response Force into the active execution of Operation Steel Curtain.

-CPT Harvey's coordination efforts extended to reaching out to the State Aviation Office, State PAO Office, JTF LS S6, JTF LS BDE S3 AIR, and 136th MP Planners.

-CPT Harvey's efforts contributed to the successful execution of the complex aviation insertion of 95 MP Soldiers and Officers proving the concept of inserting MP assets in coordination with the surge that accompanies the Operation Steel Curtain.

Sergeant Derrick Latimer served as the Vehicle Maintenance and Operations NCO for the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team, Panjshir Province, Afghanistan from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. In this important position, he managed Operations and Maintenance for every vehicle asset on FOB Lion to include 23 LAVs, five HMMWVs, five MRAPs, and seven NTVs. He completed 135 scheduled and unscheduled repairs and maintained an outstanding 98% mission capable rate. In addition, his experience and problem solving skills were indispensable when he was called upon to manage critical ancillary tasks such as the management of FOB Lion's fuel operations, the training and licensing of new MRAP Combat Drivers, and the creation of a 40-hour training program for the Provincial Afghanistan National Police force to maintain their 30 ton recovery vehicle. Finally, Sergeant Latimer contributed to successful daily operations as convoy commander for over 50 outside the wire missions to include escort and securing operations for many VIPs such as the USFOR-A Commander, RC East Commander, U.S. Ambassador, and United Kingdom Ambassador. Sergeant Latimer's extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team and the United States Army.

Operations NCO

SGT CanMan's leadership and "Take Charge" attitude developed a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiaive in his subordinates. His enthusiasm and dedication insired his peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions.

SGT Canman displayed excellent leadership skills and sound technical expertise while providing 100% reliable communications in support of the 89th Army Reserve Command at the 94-04 NTC rotation executing daily jumps covering a 14 day period.

During the 95-02 NTC rotation, the 4th FSB TOC was overran by OPFOR Forces, SGT Canman took charge of the MASCAL operation and oversaw the immediate evacuation and received several commendable comments for his actions from the 4th FSB chain of command.

Transportation Company (CHET)

As Operations NCO, he worked around the clock tracking all of 1175th Trans HET convoys from Kuwait to Iraq and back.

SSG Hill established the Tactical and Logistical Operating Center with only the equipment that he brought and immediately traffic began to flow inbound.

His experience, planning and coordination supported three transportation companies in the completion of over twenty critical missions.

Battalion Tactical Operations Center

As a Team Leader, SGT _____ 's ability to resolve varied and complex problems was evident in the success achieved by the 107Th Battalion Tactical Operations Center. Through professional competence, ingenuity and patience, SGT _____ overcame and resolved the most serious of obstacles while establishing a zero tolerance policy for failure.

During a 15-day ARTEP at Ft McCoy, SGT _____'s professional and technical experience, was key to sustaining operations under adverse weather conditions by evaluating and implementing alternate means of support. His can-do attitude to mission accomplishment inspired both 107Th Engineer and Ft McCoy Cadre.

As a LMTV and M1114 driver, SGT _____ logged over 50 accident-free ARTEP and combat missions. Over the course of his duties, he demonstrated mature judgment as well as technical and tactical knowledge well beyond his skill level. His example set the standard for others to follow and contributed directly to the completion of the 107TH Engineer Battalion Mission.

SGT _____ volunteered to lead and develop a Physical Fitness Program which increased the Battalion Tactical Operations overall Physical Fitness score an average of 25 points.

Fire Support Officer/Special Forces Group (Airborne)

As the senior fire support representative in the SOTF Tactical Operations Center, SFC Bayer effectively battle tracked, controlled, and managed fire support assets supporting SOTF operations.

He repeatedly relayed time sensitive information made possible by his meticulous preparation, to ensure the Commander had constant, relevant, and actionable information immediately upon request.

Provided and coordinated effective Close Air Support for the infil of four CH-47 Chinooks in support of Operation Mongoose.

His relentless efforts and dedication directly impacted the success of JCS exercise Cobra Gold 2013.

Operations Sergeant

SFC Galang served as Operations Sergeant Forward (Kuwait) and Command Post NCOIC.

While deployed, he supervised a 22-man team of Soldiers and contractors and was directly responsible for the planning and execution of over 30 training events specific to ACP, and sustained both CCP A and B's follow-on equipment.

In addition, he prepared training for and participated in Lucky Warrior 11-2 and Internal Look 2012, helping to ensure the best and most effective training during these exercises.

As Current Operations (COIC) NCOIC, SFC Galang supervised Theater-Specific Individual Readiness Training (T-SIRT), managed Joint Security Area Georgia tasks and OCP operations.

Operations Sergeant

SSG White demonstrated exceptional technical knowledge during the 4th Infantry Division and the 3rd ACR deployments and redeployments to Iraq. His dedication to duty during numerous line haul operations ensured that over $30,000,000 worth of equipment from two major divisions quickly and safely deployed and redeployed.

He coordinated with numerous support agencies and continuously tracked their progress to ensure that the missions were executed in a timely manner without any major delays, accidents or incidents.

SSG White's meticulous preparation and attention to detail during daily operations were indispensable to the RT-240 team's ability to safely handle a critical $100,000 piece of equipment for over 200 hours while supporting several complex training exercises throughout FT Hood. His constant determination, dedication and attention to detail resulted in the flawless movement of cargo, vehicles, and personnel without any losses.

SSG White's high personal standards, meticulous attention to detail, and strong desire for excellence attested to his superior performance throughout his tenure with the 297th Inland Cargo Transfer Company. He inspired Esprit de Corps in the company and served as a role model for others to follow. His contributions have made a tremendous impact on the success of the 297th Inland Cargo Transfer Company.

Chemical Company

SGT Alvarez increased unit's ASI L4 qualification rate from 20% to 75%, dramatically raising the unit's readiness level and confidence.

SGT Alvarez accepted responsibility for operational success or failures he inherited and took appropriate actions.

He completed over twenty GSE missions in support of Task Force Troy.

SGT Alvarez fufilled night Tactical Operations Center duties, logging Medevacs and notifying the staff of any CCIRs or NIPR failures.

Training Regiment

o orchestrated the Battalion's live fire exercise, firing over 5,000 155mm artillery rounds with no accidents

o outstanding professionalism and knowledge made him a stand out among the Army's best 13D AFATDS instructors

o conducted NBC chambers for 3 companies bringing Battalion into 100% compliance with FORSCOM training and deployment requirements

Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Single-handedly stood up SOTF-S and assumed duties as the MISO planner.

Supervised two consecutive POI's providing students with the best training in over two years.

His dedication to the mission and the team was above reproach.

Kept information and equipment flowing continuously to all teams in his area of operation.


o helped set up a temporary Emergency Operations Center as a functional EOC, proving critical command and control

o provided professional and expert input to HQ operational planning and execution of critical tasks

Camp Striker

SSG Himes estimated requirements and arranged food and water pick up and drops for over 10,0000 Soldiers across 20 kilometers daily.

He served as container manager for Camp Striker and FOB Cropper and was constantly prepared for all contingencies.

He proactively monitored and enforced Container Management policies on behalf of the Commander.

SSG Himes coordinated with 5 different units for MILCON-related issues and support, meeting all support needs.

SSG Himes ensured all coalition service members and contractors on Camp Striker and FOB Cropper had adequate water.

Assistant Operations Advisor

-Georgia deployment mail handler and assistant ops nco
-maintained accountability of $25,000 of mail equipment during Georgia deployment
-created nco duties and responsibilities training for Georgian counter-parts
-assisted in maneuver/ tactical training for Georgian counterparts
-assisted in Georgian battalion and brigade level staff exercise (MDMP)
-company schools nco
-company armorer (recent cert)
-UPL (recent cert)
-Ammo handler for ranges and other training
-completed 24 semester hours of college for counter-terrorism operations degree
-Company level 10 DTS official
-completed all company advisor training for pre-deployment (advisor cert/live fire/ranges)

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