Physical Security Officer (PSO) Duty Descriptions

Senior PSO
Serves as the primary security point of contact; ensures assets are adequately protected IAW security plans; provides oversight of all current and future security projects; ensures protective measures are implemented in a consistent and fiscally responsible manner; evaluates security plans to ensure security policy and practices are adequate; conducts preliminary investigations for security discrepancies; makes determinations on security incidents and ensures proper and prompt reporting; interacts with security personnel within and outside the organization.

Physical Security Officer (PSO), Visitor Access
Serves as visitor Access specialist; develops and manages access controls for the facilities; evaluates and approves visitor access; approves and limits key card access to security areas; coordinates access for high level visits; approves short-term subcontractor access; ensures only authorized employees are approved for key card access; maintains alarm access authorization lists; approves and tracks issuance of keys; serves as the facility point-of-contact for detailed work scope approval and lock/combination oversight; performs key inventory.

Physical Security Officer (PSO)
Serves as the facility security point of contact; authorizes camera and recording permits IAW policy; issues temporary permits as needed; develops and provides physical security presentations; conducts physical security surveys and self-assessments to identify weaknesses; utilizes security experience and situational awareness to solve complex security issues; exercises judgment in selecting methods and techniques to resolve security problems; determines methods and procedures for new assignments; coordinates activities with the PSO Lead.

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