Plans Officer Duty Descriptions

Plans Officer
Serves as an Engineer Plans and Operations Officer for the Transatlantic Division, United States Army Corps of Engineers with potential contingency districts located throughout the CENTCOM AOR; overall responsibilities include but are not limited to executing current and future operations, conducting mission analysis, planning, and overall mission support to CENTCOM; maintains a deep working knowledge of USACE engineer capabilities, facilities and requirements to provide support to combat forces; reinforces and enhances CENTCOM's staff understanding of USACE engineer capabilities and accomplishments.

Plans Officer (J5)
Serves as the Plans Officer in support of combat operations and nation building activities; supervises the joint-service planning cell consisting of Army Special Operations, Naval Special Warfare Unit 8, and an Air Force Special Operations detachment; serves as Army liaison and participates in joint mission analysis; acts as plans officer for the Joint Special Operations Task Force; coordinates and schedules missions and develops metrics to measure effectiveness; tasks subodinate cells with Oplan development; develops contingency plans.

G-35 Plans Officer USMA
Serves as G35 Plans Officer for the United States Military Academy at West Point; manages and maintains USMA's and USCC's cadet accountability and reporting system and ensures accurate cadet accounting; develops and executes cadet in- and out-processing procedures; monitors cadet attrition and submits timely reports to USMA leaders to accurately track progress and forecast vacancies in compliance with Title 10 USC Sec 4342.

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