Protective Service Duty Descriptions

Protective Service Agent
Serves as Protective Service Agent; provides protection for individuals in high-risk billets that are identified as potential targets of terrorism during official and unofficial travel; directs and participates in security planning for secretarial visits; conducts advance security arrangements to include surveillance, preparation of site surveys, route surveys, motorcades, risk assessments, and identifying areas of vulnerability; manages the administrative support of assigned Special Agents; maintains Army standards of physical fitness; counsels agents on personal and professional development.

Protective Service Agent
Serves as Protective Service Agent; evaluates conditions and threats in and around the area of travel; integrates with dignitaries and staff; coordinates all aspects of visits by Distinguished Visitors and other official visitors to the 19th Theater Army Area (TAACOM) Command; receives and picks up VIPs; maintains situational awareness of visitors and their itinerary; identifies security risks and briefs visitors on local conditions; develops safe routes; plans and coordinates visits to tenant activities in the Taegu community; arranges security for foreign and domestic visits, ceremonies, and special events; acts as local representative for visiting security teams.

Protective Service Officer
Serves as Protective Service Agent; performs, plans, coordinates, and executes protective service missions for personnel in high-risk and high-profile positions who are potential targets of terrorism; conducts protective service tactics, anti-ambush operations, counter surveillance operations, evasive driving techniques, and physical security; coordinates and cooperates with local law enforcement; maintains situational awareness and continuous communication; cross-trains with drivers, handlers, and maintains first-aid qualification.

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