Provost Marshals Office (PMO) Duty Descriptions

Provost Sergeant
Serves as Provost Sergeant and MP Operations NCO; supervises and supports police operations, detention operations, security, and mobility support on the battlefield; maintains installation security and conducts law and order operations; operates police desks, implements crime prevention measures, and maintains evidence room; prepares operations plans and orders in military police detachments; prepares circulation or traffic control plans and operations orders; responsible for the welfare and professional development of six NCOs and 23 Soldiers.

PMO Operations Sergeant
Serves as PMO Operations Sergeant on Camp As Sayliyah (CAS); assists and advises the Area Support Group-Qatar commander on policing, investigations, force protection, and antiterrorism; oversees and manages law enforcement, criminal investigations, physical security, access control, high risk personnel protection, and biometric identification programs; coordinates with appropriate federal, state, local, international, and host nation law enforcement agencies on a variety of policing, force protection, and community engagement missions; assists the ASG-QA commander and protects personnel on CAS around the clock.

Vermont National Guard PMO
Serves as Vermont PMO; oversees security-related issues including antiterrorism, force protection, and security, and shares information with the director of military support and law enforcement agencies; serves as the liaison between the Vermont National Guard and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies; reports and documents criminal activity within the National Guard; responds to, reports, and documents sexual assault allegations within the National Guard; oversees National Guard resources needed to support civilian authority events; assists civilian law enforcement agencies with investigations and reports as needed.

Provost Marshal's Office (PMO)
Serves as Desk Sergeant for Provost Marshal's Office (PMO); conducts law and order operations in support of joint operations on Patch Barracks, Vaihingen, Germany; provides a safe and secure environment for military and civilian employees and families to work, live, and train; maintains communication with local host nation law enforcement agencies to get notification when they engage with members of the military; assists the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Judge Advocate General, and local law enforcement when a report has been made; provides protective services for Distinguished visitors and Dignitaries.

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