Range Operations Duty Descriptions

Officer in Charge (OIC)
Serves as Officer in Charge of the Wackernheim Range Complex; oversees all aspects of range operations; ensures the overall safe conduct of training; inspects facilities; ensures the availability of guards, safety personnel, communications, medical support, vehicles, and ammunition; maintains communication with Range Control, Fire, and Medical; provides safety briefings; enforces compliance with hearing protection and safety protocols.

Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Serves as the Range Safety Officer; ensures all safety requirements and regulations are complied with; conducts safety briefings; supervises and instructs Assistant Safety Officers (ASO) on their duties; ensures the down range area is clear and the range flag is posted; ensures proper use and accountability of all ammunition; calls cease-fire when any safety violation is observed; verifies all weapons are properly cleared.

Radio Transmitter Operator (RTO)
Performs duties as communications specialist for the Range; tests, maintains, and keeps all radios operational at all times; interfaces with maintenance; maintains situational awareness; monitors all radio traffic and enforces radio discipline; records all incoming and outgoing transmissions; sets up and operates communication equipment to include radios, telephones, bullhorns, and public address systems; ensures two means of communication with Range control and medical are maintained.

Ammunition Point NCO
Serves as Ammunition Point NCO; supervises the handling and care of ammunition; responsible for the breakdown, safety, and issue of all ammunition being issued; limits access to ammunition and enforces no smoking orders around the ammo point; maintains sufficient fire extinguishers; maintains a running count of all ammunition issued and returned; ensures a DA Form 5515 is present; ensures all tracers have been removed from ammunition point prior to firing on 25-meter ranges.

Range Detail NCO
Acts as Range Detail NCO; supervises detailed personnel; ensures targets are properly positioned prior to training; assists in the distribution of ammunition; repairs and replaces targets as necessary; ensures the range is maintained in a high state of police; monitors the actions of trainees; inspects and clears the range with the range staff when training is completed; performs all duties as required or assigned by the Range NCOIC and OIC.

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