Safety NCO Duty Descriptions

Safety NCO
Serves as the primary advisor to the command for all battalion safety matters; conducts monthly enlisted safety council meetings, completing and updating hazards tracking for all facilities and equipment assigned to the unit, as well as ensuring all unit Soldiers are trained on all aspects of conducting safe aviation maintenance operations; responsible for ensuring that best practices are used in order to ensure the health and safety of all Soldiers while conducting military operations.

Brigade Safety NCO
Oversees the Brigade's Safety program; educates personnel on OSHA, risk management, and Safety regulations; monitors and evaluates the Brigade's mishap rate; evaluates all work areas for hazards, identifies risks, and recommends fix action; receives and submits hazard reports; enforces safety standards; performs risk assessment of new projects and operations; resolves OSHA violations and expedites resolution; facilitates development of shop safety training guides, mitigates mishap risk for 1,100 Soldiers and $2M in equipment.

Division Safety NCO
Manages safety for the Command's largest division; advises the Commander in the development and implementation of weapons/ground mishap prevention programs; oversees all mishap investigations, annual and spot inspections and Battalion-level safety education and training; conducts safety inspections and assessments of post facilities and operations; prepares evaluation reports and recommendations; consolidates mishap data, identifies trends and recommends corrective actions; performs risk analysis for three coalition organizations.

Operations Safety NCO
Acts as Company Safety NCO; encourages participation in Safety program by all members; educates all on Safety programs and resources; ensures the safety of troops and clearance of impact area as the observer for fire missions; evaluates loading operations during tactical nuclear exercises and certifies safe operations; conducts spot inspections; mitigates risks to 130 Soldiers and 15 aircraft; prepares evaluations and after action reports and recommendations; investigates mishaps to identify failures and recommends corrective measures.

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