Small Group Leader Duty Descriptions

68W58 Course Manager
Serves as Senior Small Group Leader (SGL) and facilitator for over 720 NCOs attending the Senior Leader Course (SLC) annually; supervises 8 SGLs; provides tactical and technical knowledge applying current doctrine and lessons learned; conducts Leadership, Resource Management, Operations training, and relevant Staff NCO Development Exercises; facilitates discussions on Career Management Field subjects; serves as detachment 1SG; responsible for the health, welfare, morale, professional development, Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) performance, and training of assigned personnel; advises the Commander on enlisted matters, promotions, maintaining and enforcing standards, accountability, standard compliance, and the monitoring and enforcement of maintenance standards.

Small Group Leader/11B38
Serves as a Small Group Leader for the _____ Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Noncommissioned Officer Academy, North Carolina; responsible for supervision, advisement, and training of 96 students annually; instructs a total of 170 academic hours in 22 days of training consisting of physical fitness, leadership skills, and NCO responsibilities; conducts weekly counseling and evaluation; maintains the order, discipline, and standards within the Noncommissioned Officer Academy; accountable and responsible for classroom equipment valued over $90,000.

Small Group Leader/MP BOLC
Serves as Small Group Leader for the Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course; provides physical and tactical training for future Platoon Leaders; resources the operational and logistical support for 17-week course; coordinates and schedules 800 hours of instruction spanning 138 lessons for an annual class of 200 Army, Marine, and International Military Police Officers; represents the NCO Corps while establishing Platoon Sergeant/Platoon Leader relationships with newly commissioned Lieutenants; responsible for the accountability of $200K in equipment and supplies.

Small Group Leader/NCOA
Serves as Small Group Leader at NCO Academy; keeps the student NCO Support Channel informed of squad/team members who need help with problems; checks each member of the squad/team at first call to ensure that they are awake and preparing for first formation; checks the squad/team at all formations to ensure that all members are present and in the proper uniform; maintains 100% accountability of squad/team members at all times; performs additional duties as directed.

Small Group Leader
Responsible for 3 soldiers; provides training, assists soldiers in projects; takes lead in harder projects; responsible for their appearance, attendance, and readiness; provides assistance for problems outside of military relations.

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