Unit RESET Planner Duty Descriptions

Unit RESET Planner
Manages and reviews the following reports for correct information along with any monthly updates due: California Automatic Reset Induction (ARI) Monthly Report, California Left behind Equipment (LBE) / Unit Maintained Equipment and the California Separate Reporting Units (SRU) Monthly Report; briefs all deploying units, Supply Sergeants and Commanders on how to upload their equipment into the Unit Reset Planner in LIW.

Unit RESET Planner
Coordinates with the BCT Support Operations Office or S–4 for reset operations planning; coordinates with rear detachment, Army field support battalion (AFSBn), directorate of logistics (DOL), and division or post G–4 to determine how, where, and when equipment will be reset and what the brigade's priorities are; emphasizes personal responsibility and focuses on Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), night vision devices (NVDs), and individual weapons; inventories unit equipment; requisitions and issues new equipment; evaluates and arranges individual training.

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