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APFT Failure Counseling

1. On __________, you did not meet the APFT standards.

2. Your minimum raw scores are:

Push-Ups ______ Sit-Ups ________ 2 Mile Run / Alternate Event ________

3. You achieved the following scores:

Push-Ups ______ Sit-Ups ________ 2 Mile Run / Alternate Event ________

4. You failed to achieve the minimum score in the following area(s):

Push-Ups ______ Sit-Ups ________ 2 Mile Run _______ Alternate Event _______

5. You are being flagged under the provisions of AR 600-8-2 and AR 350-1; a flag on your record prevents favorable actions (some schools, promotion, awards, etc.)

6. You are entered into the Fitness Improvement Program.

7. Furthermore, you are being advised that separation and/or additional adverse actions may be initiated under AR 635-200 if this pattern continues. If separated, you could receive and Honorable, Under Other than Honorable Conditions, or Dishonorable discharge/characterization of service. Separation under other than honorable circumstances may have an adverse impact on civilian employment, veteran's benefits and related matters.


1. Participation in a fitness routine, encouraged 3-5 days a week of cardio and strength training exercises.

2. Review nutritional and dietary guidelines and adjust to sustain overall well-being.

3. Review the "Weight To Stay" and Hooah Buddies module available through AKO.

4. Seek nutritional counseling from a certified nutritionist (as needed).

5. Removal from the Fitness Improvement Program will be attained once you have meet APFT standards for your age and gender IAW FM 21-20.

6. The preferred end state is to develop a sustainable fitness program that not only enables you to pass the APFT but also contribules to your overall health and well-being,

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