Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) Awards

See also: Hazardous Materials Manager Awards

SGT Diaz established the Battalion's Hazardous Material monthly inventory program, ensuring the Battalion is never without Class III Petroleum Oil and Lubricants and household goods to help maintain over 60 rolling stock, 30 trailers, and 20 generators. Helping 3/140th AVN to be self-sustaining during any State Mission, Annual Training and Deployment.

While assigned to the xxxxx company, PFC xxxxxx, held the responsibility of Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) for all four company areas within the battalion compound. He performed his duties in such a superior manner that the company achieved eight consecutive flawless garrison command inspections. His outstanding leadership and continued dedication to the company resulted in the unit receiving an award for best recycling program within the entire xxxx Infantry Division for fiscal year 2014.

Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic

SPC Dewitt was assigned as the 1st Inland Cargo Transfer Company Environmental Compliance Officer and maintained the 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion's bulk fuel distribution point in a fully operational status from the company level. He ensured a continual stock of JP-8 was available and maintained a clean record, 100% free of all Hazardous Material incidents.

SPC Dewitt contributed to the overall success of the 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion's Field Training Exercise. He provided over 4,500 gallons of JP-8 throughout, a net value of over $21,000. SPC Dewitt issued fuel to 188 vehicles and filled 660 fuel cans. During this exercise, the monthly gain/loss allowance allotted by AR 710-2 was below 10%, saving the battalion up to $300.

SPC Dewitt displayed commitment to the accomplishment of the mission and dedication to selfless service, personally contributing to the successful completion of 16th Sustainment Brigade's Field Training Exercise by distributing over 1,400 gallons of fuel to vehicles within the Brigade. SPC Dewitt was responsible for the accountability and distribution of JP-8 from 12 January 2014 through 15 February 2014.

SPC Dewitt served as the Fire Marshal for 1st Inland Cargo Transfer Company from August 2014 to present. Due to his diligence and attention to detail, there have been no fire safety hazards within the company. SPC Dewitt was in charge of checking all fire extinguishers, ensuring that all exits in buildings 904 and 905 were functional, completing monthly checks of expiration dates and functionality of fire extinguishers, and ensuring that all fire extinguishers were not obstructed from view.

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