Force Protection Award Examples

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Patrol NCOIC

Staff Sergeant Andrei H. Redding distinguished himself by outstanding achievement while serving as Patrols and Training NCOIC, B Company, 1-116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. While assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, Manda Bay Kenya Airfield, he worked tirelessly to ensure that each tower had correct and appropriate interlocking sectors of fire. In addition, on his own initiative, he completed a tactical overlay for the airfield tactical operations center which improved command and control and contributed to the overall success of the mission, enhancing the unit's combat readiness, and greatly improving the security of United States combined arms operations at Magogoni Airfield. His commitment to duty, vigilance, and professionalism enabled multiple Joint force units to safely execute their missions in a protected operational environment. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Redding reflect great credit upon himself, the 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the United States Army.

JTF Capital Response/Iron Inauguration

For outstanding achievement as security force member serving in support of JTF Capital Response from 15 January to 24 January 2021. Staff Sergeant Villanueva demonstrated exceptional leadership while serving in a position above his rank during the Iron Inauguration mission. He, due to his maturity and experience, was appointed as Platoon Sergeant and provided leadership, organization, and direction to more than 200 Soldiers assigned to his area of responsibility while maintaining vigilance of his assigned sector. He coordinated and interfaced with other units and agencies to secure the Library of Congress and maintain law and order throughout the National Capital Region. During the days before, during, and following the Presidential Inauguration, he secured key locations around the District of Columbia and supervised ECPs in his area of responsibility for over 12 hours a day while simultaneously enforcing COVID restrictions. Staff Sergeant Villanueva's selfless performance during this deployment reflects great credit upon himself, the 108th Infantry Regiment, the New York National Guard and the United States Army.

Michigan ARNG Rapid Reaction Force

Quickly responded and stood poised as the Michigan Army National Guard's Rapid Reaction Force to support civil authorities during the civil disturbances occurring in numerus communities throughout the State of Michigan from xx June thru xx June 2020. Solider trained and prepared to assist law enforcement authorities in duties outside of their MOS with protecting lives, property of citizens of our state and their right to peacefully protest. Mobilized into the city of Kalamazoo and augmented with State and local Law Enforcement to assist in maintaining peace and safeguarding the community impacted by nonpeaceful protests.

Force Protection Officer CJTF-82 and CJTF-101

Meritorious service while serving as Force Protection Officer, 204th Engineer Detachment, 16th Engineer Brigade, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. Staff Sergeant George B. Allan's outstanding professional skill and superior attention to detail were key to the security of 25,000 CJTF-82 and CJTF-101 personnel on Bagram Air Base. As both an Element Leader and Day Shift Expediter, Sergeant Allan was responsible for the logistical support of over 70 Force Protection personnel and 11 construction sites valued at over $1 billion. He coordinated with DoD contracting and U.S. Air Force and Navy personnel to facilitate daily construction security and ensure operations continued uninterrupted. In addition, Sergeant Allan served as a liaison between the United Arab Emirates, UAE, and U.S. Air Traffic Controllers. His expertise in aviation communication aided in UAE's successful launch and recovery of the nation's first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which flew in direct support of the national elections in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Allan's performance during this time period reflects great credit upon himself, the 204th Engineer Detachment, the Ohio National Guard and the United States Army.


SPC Noel proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the deployment. His ability to move to and competently man various points throughout the installation and retain the knowledge on how every point functioned and supported the overall mission was key to mission success. He learned every job he was assigned rapidly and was able to train others on how each point worked.

SPC Noel conducted several classes on PMCS of tactical vehicles ensuring the squad had a firm understanding of the equipment they would be operating and the care required. His thorough daily inspections of vehicles exposed a variety of safety and operational issues which had the potential to fail and cause injury. His actions ensured that the equipment was either available for use or deadlined.

SPC Noel accepted an assortment of undesirable tasks without complaint and completed them to standard while maintaining a positive attitude. His knowledge and ability to adapt contributed greatly to the success of the SECFOR mission.


SPC Knight received repeated compliments from local and third country nationals on his very thorough and detailed screening and searches of personnel coming onto and leaving CLDJ. Through these searches, he found a substantial amount of prohibited articles and contraband. His actions directly contributed to the security and overall safety of the installation.

SPC Knight conducted multiple classes with the squad on the use of the M240B medium machine gun. His knowledge and expertise were vital in maintaining the squad's readiness and ability to rapidly respond with any weapon system.

SPC Knight maintained a positive can-do attitude and demonstrated a high level of resilience, contributing greatly to the cohesiveness of the unit and building relationships with other branches.


For meritorious achievement while assigned to Port Security Unit 301 from ---- ---- to ---- ----. Staff Sergeant Wayne C. Thompson integrated with the United States Navy to provide Force Protection by conducting over 7,000 vehicle and 8,000 personnel searches. On the Al Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT) platform, he trained Iraqi Marines in the basics of security, cover and concealment, search technique, and watch standing. He maintained the Security Force watch bill in order to support SPOD Security Post, Ammunition Operations, and Oil Platform personnel rotations. In addition, during heightened security conditions, he demonstrated maturity and leadership by ordering gun mounts 51 and 52 to stop unauthorized craft from entering port until patrol boats could arrive and intervene. Staff Sergeant Thompson's performance during this time period brings great credit upon himself, the 628th Aviation Support Battalion and the United States Army.

For exceptionally meritorious service as the Force Protection NCO for the 30th Troop Command during the period of XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX. Master Sergeant Johnson's outstanding performance in maintaining security is unparalleled. As the senior Force Protection NCO, he effectively coordinated the Force Protection Plan of each armory as well as the installation and security of the command SIPRNET. In addition, he conducted numerous organizational inspection visits which enhanced the security of the command. Master Sergeant Johnson's professional competence and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself, 30th Troop Command, the Tennessee Army National Guard and the United States Army.

For meritorious achievement while assigned to Joint Base Balad's Quick Reaction Force. As the Force Protection NCOIC, she maintained continuous vigilance, submitted weekly RAMS reports, and responded to stand up notifications within one hour, ensuring all Soldiers were present and prepared for duty. As NCOIC of Joint Base Balad's Quick Reaction Force, she supervised over 120 Force Protection patrols which ensured the security of Joint Base Balad and facilitated the success of its mission. In addition, she attended unit Anti-Terrorism Working Group meetings to plan and develop anti-terrorism actions for Joint Base Balad as well as implememnt plans at the unit level. The diligent efforts of Staff Sergeant Goodman reflect great credit upon herself, the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, the Oklahoma Army National Guard and the United States Army.

For meritorious service as Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer. During this period, he coordinated installation defense measures for eight joint bases, twelve thousand personnel and one hundred aircraft. Additionally, Lt Coleman assisted with the implementation of strict security measures for the King of Jordan's visit to King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC). Furthermore, he stood up the Area of Operations Threat Working Group to protect upwards of ten billion dollars worth of personnel and resources by advising joint forces of regional terrorist threats. The proactive and diligent efforts of Lt Coleman reflect great credit upon himself, Combined Joint Task Force Spartan and the United States Army.

Sergeant First Class Buxley distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious achievement while assigned to the 25th Infantry Division from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXX. During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Buxley contributed to the effectiveness and success of Joint Logistics Over the Shore 2014. As Force Protection Officer, he planned, developed, and executed a real-world and exercise Force Protection plan for over 700 troops from 27 government and military organizations deployed to the Port of Anchorage, Alaska during a Defense Support of Civil Authorities exercise. The singular accomplishments of Sergeant Buxley reflect great credit upon himself, the 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning) and the United States Army.

Professional achievement as Force Protection NCO. On XXXXXXX Master Sergeant Cox received a report of a security breach near his unit's barracks. He quickly assembled a force to investigate and, without hesitation, led the group into the building, conducted a room to room search for the suspect, and cleared six contraband items. In under an hour, his team found the Third Country National who placed the items in the barracks and detained him. In addition, Sergeant Cox demonstrated maturity and poise under pressure during a garrison attack. During the incident, he quickly formed defensive positions and safeguarded 47 lives, a CH-47 Chinook and equipment worth 12 million dollars. The singular accomplishments of Sergeant Cox reflect great credit upon himself, the 112th Infantry regiment and the United States Army.

As Force Protection Represenative of the Crisis Response Element, he provided flawless security for 110 personnel, a fuel farm, the flight line and all goverment property within the camp. He orchestrated the installation of seven bunkers, four mass casualty kits and a camp wide emergency broadcast system which led to a flawless security inspection. In addition to his Force Protection duties, he assisted with the completion of more than 100 work orders and 30 convoy operations, ensuring mission success. The singular accomplishments of XXXXXXXX reflect great credit upon himself, 2d Battalion, 142d Infantry Regiment, the Texas Army National Guard and the United States Army.

For meritorious achievement while assigned to Port Security Unit 311 during overseas deployment from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXX. Sergeant Sullivan demonstrated exceptional performance as a 2nd Squad, Landward Security team member. He provided around the clock force protection and security while working with the United States Army Security Forces and was instrumental in securing over 1.5 billion dollars worth of United States and Coalition Forces equipment. Working arduous hours under austere conditions, he screened over 4,000 third country nationals and over 2,000 vehicles for improvised explosive devices, weapons, and other contraband to ensure security at the Sea Port of Debarkation, Kuwait. Sergeant Sullivan's performance during this time period brings great credit upon himself, the 81st Brigade Combat Team, the Washington Army National Guard and the United States Army.

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