Force Protection NCO Duty Descriptions

Force Protection NCO
Serves as the Force Protection NCO of a deployed Combat Sustainment Support Battalion with an assigned strength of over 1,400 Soldiers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom VI; responsible for the overall protection and security of two dining facilities that have a daily average of 20,000 patrons; supervises a separate guard force for the Post Exchange and surrounding businesses; supervises force protection elements and mitigates related risks and weaknesses within the battalion's area of responsibility; coordinates and supervises small arms range operations for 9 subordinate companies; responsible for ordering ammunition, targetry, and supplies to support future range operations.

Force Protection NCO
Assists, inspects, and advises the Commander on Force Protection requirements; reviews security measures for all critical facilities and assets within the Installation; inspects areas designated as critical by the Commander and identifies operational threats and vulnerabilities; develops a mission-essential or vulnerable area (MEVA) list; conducts vulnerability assessments of critical areas; applies risk analysis procedures according to AR 190-51, AR 190-11, and DA Pamphlet 190-51 and ensures appropriate antiterrorism and force protection standards are met; continually reassesses assets and vulnerabilities; prioritizes Force Protection resources.

Force Protection Officer
Serves as principal staff officer responsible for Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection measures within the command; advises the commander of security measures necessary to enable garrison, base-camp or unit operating location operations; tracks and identifies trends in crime activities; crafts protection strategies that are reflected in the concept of protection included in the base order and appropriate annexes; recommends necessary changes to the COA to reduce vulnerability; coordinates with the Chaplain, Surgeon, Safety, military police, engineer, and signal staff sections.

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