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For exemplary service during the period of July 2022 through August 2023 while serving as Resident Engineer for the Rapid Response Resident Office in support of an unprecedented year of execution. Mr. Woscyna provided critical leadership for the resident office in establishing high degrees of excellence for safety, quality control, cost control, and contract administration for several of the Omaha District's highest priority projects: Fort McCoy Barracks Restoration, restoring 212 impacted barracks after housing Afghan Refugees; Fort Liberty Barracks Restoration, restoring three buildings impacted by mold, and two Temporary Power Missions in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona, generating over 350 MW of temporary power for San Juan. These projects totaled over $1B in construction contracts alone and placed almost $500M in FY23. Mr. Woscyna's tireless efforts of problem solving, mentorship, and prioritization of people has distinguished the Rapid Response Resident Office as leaders of solving the nation's toughest problems in the USACE enterprise. Mr. Woscyna's commitment and dedication reflect great credit upon him, the Omaha District, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and our Nation.

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