MOS 15P, Aviation Operations Specialist Awards

Aviation Operations Specialist

SPC DOE's professional skill and ability to adjust to a variety of missions in the same night were key to critical missions for TAAC-E. He was extremely efficient and calm while directing 8 different aircraft to their prospective objectives. He went above and beyond his duties and set a higher standard for his fellow Soldiers. His efforts received numerous accolades from Pilots throughout the Squadron.

Aviation Operations Specialist

SGT Ciola was an important asset not only to 2-1 AAB, but to the ADAM/BAE section during the train up at JRTC. His relentless attention and operational awareness ensured that the section operated successfully during the BDE's rotation. His quick thinking and ability to stay calm under pressure ensured that the section succeeded in not only a downed aircraft simulation, but the section's daily missions as well.

Flight Operations Clerk

SPC serves as a Flight Operations Clerk in a 15-ship HH-60M Blackhawk Air Ambulance Company. His duties while assigned to Charlie Company include maintaining aviation operation files and records and scheduling aviation operations, as well as tracking all missions and flights for the Company. SPC excelled in his position, and was vital to Charlie Company's ability to successfully accomplish all missions.

SPC attention to detail and knowledge were essential during the 3-82ND Battalion Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS) Inspection. SPC identified and corrected issues in over 150 rated and non-rated crewmembers' flight records. This resulted in Charlie Company recieving a passing score for the inspection of Flight Operations.

Since his assignment to Charlie Company, SPC has been a valuable asset. His commitment to excellence and dedication to duty allowed for the successful deployment and redeployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XII. SPC showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout his time in Charlie Company. His knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the overall success of Charlie Company's mission.

Aviation Brigade Training Technician

For exceptionally meritorious achievements while serving as the Brigade S-3 training technician, Headquarters 36th Combat Aviation Brigade during the period of 1 April 2012 to 30 November 2013. His outstanding initiative, leadership, and management abilities produced greatly improved readiness, training, and personnel programs in the company and led to an increase in unit preparation and ARMS inspection readiness. His skillful administration of the Digital Training Management System, unit Standard Operating Procedures and training management policies resulted in the Company's successful completion of its ARMS inspection. Specialist Cronaur's outstanding achievements and devotion to duty reflect favorably upon himself, the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade, and the 36th Infantry Division.

Flight Operation NCO


SGT Cheer's exemplary flight operation management attests to her professional knowledge, willingness to accept responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to any assignment or situation.

SGT Cheer's devotion to duty and selfless service inspired his peers. He worked on numerous flight operation training tasks every IDT weekend. His dedication resulted a successful mission during the Opertaion Evergreen Ember 2013.


MSG Blythe established the 82nd Airborne Divison's first facilities program ensuring that projects and renovations valued at more than $80 million were tracked and completed which directly improved the efficieny of the BDE for the next 10 years. MSG Blythe created the first ever Pointee Talkee card for Army Aviation which was adopted by the Army for use during Personnel Recovery. MSG Blythe also developed the CDR's Validation Program for Company CDRs in the BDE utilizing AVCATT simulation which allowed the BDE CDR to successfully evaluate and validate the Company CDRs during Joint Exercises based upon their upcoming deployment mission requirements.

Aviation Operations

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