Aviation Operations Specialist Duty Descriptions

Aviation Operations Specialist
Processes flight plans, ensures flight rules and regulations are followed by checking accuracy of flight plans; maintains flight information on flights; participates in the development and implementation of a tactical rescue system; maintains flying regulations, navigation information, and reports flight violations; safeguards classified material; uses proper terminology in air navigation and is aware of air traffic control advisory radio procedures; manages notices to airmen; interprets and posts weather reports; maintains individual flight and training records.

Aviation Operations Sergeant
Serves as an Aviation Operations Sergeant in a rapid deployment Attack Helicopter Battalion; assists and advises the Senior Aviation Operations Sergeant in all facets of Battalion Aviation Operations; supervises the temporary duty assignment (TDY) section; provides technical and tactical guidance in job performance and ensures subordinates are competent in their MOS and Army Warrior Skills necessary for combat operations; responsible for the leadership, health, welfare and professional development of two Soldiers; oversees the accountability of the battalion's equipment during movement.

Aviation Operations NCO
Responsible for aviation operations within the Grafenwoehr Training Area (GTA); plans, coordinates, conducts safety analysis, and supervises all aviation ranges and training facilities for use by US, NATO, and Multinational forces; conducts briefings on weapon utilization and safety implementation; provides guidance and expert level knowledge on Grafenwoehr Training Area SOPs for training ground and aviation units to ensure required readiness levels (RL) are met; monitors the maintenance and improvements of all aviation live fire ranges and staging areas; advises Chief of GTA Range Operations on all aviation related training.

Flight Operation NCO
Serves as the Flight Operation NCO for Task Force Phoenix, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade; maintains aviation operation files and records; prepares reports, orders, and schedules pertaining to aviation operations; displays flight planning information to include airfield diagrams, maps of local flying areas, special use airspace, and crash grid charts; maintains and issues flying regulations, pilots, and flight crew's information file; keeps files of extended flight and navigational information such as weight and balance data, navigational publications, and maps; responsible for the supervision, morale, health, welfare, and readiness of 5 junior enlisted Soldiers.

Flight/Base Operations Specialist
Supervises a flight operations activity consisting of XX subordinates; supervises the preparation of situation map; prepares operations orders; processes cross-country and local flights planned with other agencies including the FAA; maintains flight information, records, and reports on flight operations and activities; maintains files on flying regulations and navigational aid information; arranges ground services for transient aircraft; interprets and posts teletype weather reports; schedules and dispatches aircraft and performs associated administrative duties; plans and schedules work assignments; reviews, consolidates, and prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports; assists in pre-accident plans.

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