MOS 35G - Imagery Analyst DA 638 Examples

Meritorious service while serving as Intelligence Operations Superintendent, 193rd Special Operations Support Squadron, 193rd Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pennsylvania, from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this period, Squadron Leader Teresa M. Tyler, Royal Australian Air Force, distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious service as the Chief, Target Materials, USPACOM Joint Intelligence Operations Center. Squadron Leader Tyler's astute analytical expertise and superior leadership methods dramatically improved the quality of target analysis in the USPACOM area of responsibility. Leading 40 imagery analysts at USPACOM and two reserve detachments in Minneapolis and Denver, her efforts enabled USPACOM and service components to effectively target adversaries' critical nodes while mitigating collateral damage effects. Squadron Leader Tyler synchronized an enormous and complex target materials architecture that focused the efforts of USPACOM, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-intelligence Agency, and other US and Allied Intelligence Community elements to ensure target intelligence accuracy against US Tier 1 adversaries. In addition, she coordinated and hosted numerous USPACOM bilateral engagements, providing an extremely effective conduit between nations, and thereby ensuring a coherent and global approach to target intelligence matters. The distinctive accomplishments of Squadron Leader Tyler reflect great credit upon herself, her nation, and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Royal Australian Air Force.

During Alpha Company 1-3 BSTB MI Gunnery, SPC Lee was a major factor in the superior performance of the Geoint section of ISR during the training exercise. SPC Lee served as the subject matter expert on the Tactical Ground Station while diligently working to coordinate mission essential tasks, training, and brief his peers and staff on the functionality and capabilities of the Tactical Ground Station. His actions were directly responsible for the team's success.

o provided oversight during Afghan elections; monitored polling sites and ensured Afghan elections success

o identified eight operational rocket launchers aimed at FOB; thwarted impending attack, saved lives and equipment

o produced over 1200 fresh intel products supporting OIF/OEF

o provided critical and up to date intel to ground forces and was key to safety and operational success

o rendered support during safehouse raid resulting in six IED emplacers detained and zero friendlies hurt

o conducted FP for first responders at helo crash site; identified possible insurgent activity, prevented ground unit losses

o analyzed UAV video during joint strike of armed insurgents and eliminated need for re-attack saving lives, supplies, and funds

o completed 14 Joint Intel Training CBTs consisting of 40 hours of specialized training

o her dedication to interpreting intel enhanced imagery knowledge and mission support

o identified armed insurgents actively engaging patrol and coordinated coalition force to neutralize threat

o exploited full motion video during strike against insurgents emplacing IED which finalized intel reports for incident

o completed rigorous NGA training course and gained expertise on National level systems

o monitored over 400 hours of full motion video that benefitted warfighters on the ground with critical knowledge of area

o aided OIF/OEF decision makers by providing expert analysis of area surveillance tapes

o meticulously analyzed 900 UAV imagery products and verified intel accuracy which led to mission generation on terrorist cells

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