MOS 36A, Financial Manager Awards

For exceptionally meritorious achievement while serving as the Battalion S-4 Officer, Headquarters 69th Ordnance Battalion, 4th Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU), Fort Bliss, Texas from 10 April 2013 to 20 June 2014. During this period, Captain Catherine Reynolds' outstanding initiative, leadership, and logistics ability produced greatly improved supply, maintenance, and financial programs in the Battalion and led to a twenty percent increase in equipment serviceability rates for the Battalion. Her skillful administration of supply and logistics resulted in the Battalion's successful completion of its Army Training and Evaluation Programs and two major field exercises. Captain Reynolds' outstanding achievements and devotion to duty reflect favorably upon herself, the 4th Financial Management Support Unit and the United States Army.

Meritorious service while serving as Financial Manager, 326th Financial Management Support Center, Los Angeles, California, from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this period, Master Sergeant Carl Rowe delivered an exceptional performance while serving as a member of the 326th Financial Management Support Center, Cash Management Section during Diamond Saber 2016. Master Sergeant Rowe oversaw the Auditing of all disbursing training packets that were provided during the course of the exercise. His exemplary performance and devotion to duty reflects great credit upon himself, the 326th Financial Management Support Center and the United States Army.

As a member of the 416th Theater Engineer Command's Quality Assurance team, SGT Taylor's attention to detail and extensive knowledge enabled her to successfully conduct six Quality Assurance reviews while training subordinate pay personnel in the proper USARC Reserve Pay Procedures. SGT Taylor dedicated numerous hours of her personal time to ensure that over 10,000 Soldiers within the 416th TEC's Command received 100% of their entitlement. Her broad knowledge, resourcefulness, dedication, selfless service and willingness to accept additional responsibility is an example to her peers.

His attention to detail and superior technical skills enabled the 416th Theater Engineer Command's G-8 Quality assurance team to sucessfully conduct USARC mandated Quality Assurance Reviews at two separate units and trained the unit pay personnel in the proper USARC required pay proceedures. He also assisted in the 327nd EN BDE G-8 (reserve pay) OIP reinspection. His hard work was an important part in their sucess. With his broad knowledge of technical proceedure, SGT Smith demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and dedication to duty. SGt Smith's tact and hard work, positive attitude towards his job and willingness to accept additional responsibilities are particularly noteworthy.

SFC Miller had direct oversight in the execution of over $20 million in contracts for technical support services and contractor personnel. She discovered problems and created solutions, clearing over 100 erroneous accounting lines and erasing an impending civilian pay shortfall. In addition, she developed an extensive funds tracker that detailed a $25 million financial operations road map to success. Her diligence was key to FY11 "Excellent" rating and her outstanding performnce reflects great credit upon her, the 411th ASB, and the United States Army.

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