MOS 36A Financial Manager NCOER Examples

Financial Analyst

o created an expenditure tracker that kept all procurement records and contracts organized; facilitated the efficient tracking of expiring documents and unobligated transactions

o organized all procurement records and contracts; improved Continuous Monitoring Program (CMP) scores and maintained in the 98% consistently

o audited all disbursing training packets that were distributed during the Diamond Saber 2013 exercise

Budget Analyst

o sought out for his financial management expertise which significantly benefited the command in forecasting and managing critical resources

o oversaw the entire Garrison-Detroit Army Automated Time, Attendance, and Production System (ATAAPS); ensured payroll errors were minimal with zero impact to employee pay

o produced measurable, positive results in support of FY16 year end closeout; made a significant and immediate impact on the Resource Management Office (RMO)

Disbursing Analyst

o processed over 170,000 Army Reserve soldiers' pay; supported USAR pay center with a 2-day turn-around for soldiers to see their pay deposited

o trained all members of the Cash Management section in disbursing and contracting functions; improved annual tracking by 20%

Pay Accounts Manager

o chosen to assist War College finance personnel with the annual in-processing of over 500 students

o oversaw supply and logistics; facilitated the Battalion's successful completion of its Army Training and Evaluation Programs and 2 major field exercises

o ensured all accounts were settled monthly and pay was processed in a timely manner

o improved supply, financial and maintenance programs in the Battalion and produced a 30% increase in Bn equipment serviceability rates

SR Account Analyst

o organized the disposal of over 8,600 pounds of outdated sensitive documents allowing the WIARNG to meet regulatory stipulations for document retention

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