MOS 68X/Behavioral Health Specialist Awards


(RANK NAME) optimized limited resources and personnel shortage to support USAG Youngsan-Casey to ensure all support services and clinical functions were seamlessly conducted in the absence of appointed NCOIC. (NAME RANK's) efforts and selfless service to others outside of her assigned Unit and duties as a BH tech for 210 FA contributed greatly to the Behavioral Health prevention efforts of USAG Youngsan-Casey.

(RANK NAME) demonstrated exceptional professionalism, adaptability and leadership as the interim Camp Casey Behavioral Health Clinic NCOIC. As the interim NCOIC she was responsible for $125,000 worth of equipment, supervised 6 Behavioral Health Technicians, managed 12 staff members, and 4 SUDDCC staff members. (RANK NAME) willingly assisted the Camp Casey Behavioral Health Team outside of her assigned duties, mentored 3 junior 68X Technicians to improve their knowledge base in best practices of the trade.

NCOIC, Freedom Restoration Center

SGT White served as NCOIC of Afghanistan's only Freedom Restoration Center (FRC) at Bagram Airfield in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He led 2 other members of the FRC staff and managed $88,000 in assets. SGT White provided consultations to 12 Combat Stress Control Forward Operating Bases and to Brigade leadership on FRC program requirements, enrollment process, duty impact, and recommendations that kept soldiers in the fight. This lead to a 44% increase in the FRC census.

SGT White was key to orchestrating an aggressive outreach effort. SGT White appeared in 3 AFN commercials promoting FRC and therapy dog services which were broadcast theater-wide. To bring care to the front lines, he organized and volunteered to participate in RC-East missions and spent 7 days outside the wire in austere conditions. He visited 5 FOB/COPs to promote FRC and CSC services and evaluated and treated over 60 SMs in place.

He developed FRC's Standard Operating Procedures and treated 126 joint service members and documented over 200 contacts for the 3 to 5 day residential program. In addition, he managed 110 psych-educational classes as well as individualized counseling for 28 joint service members. SGT White facilitated a record 90% return to duty rate, reclaiming over 10,000 deployment days. His exemplary accomplishments led to his selection as the 455 AEW Outstanding Contributor of the Month for January.

SGT White was selected by the FRC Officer In Charge to independently develop and instruct off-site classes to 3 Coalition Force units on stress management and coping, positive thinking, communication and problem solving, resiliency, anxiety/COSR/PTSD, anger management and sleep hygiene. He sustained a 100% RTD rate and improved relations with coalition forces. Further, he collaborated with an Air Force Chaplain and conducted a specialized Combat and Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) briefing for over 100 Air Force Security Forces members.


outstanding service as a psychiatrist in the Department of Behavioral Health at William Beaumont Army Medical Center for soldiers in the inpatient ward as well as the outpatient clinic. Dr Young often saw soldiers in dire need of help in response to requests from psychotherapists or medical doctors on an urgent basis without prior scheduling. He volunteered for and participated in screening soldiers returning from OIF even though he was not obligated to do so. Dr Young maintained a positive attitude and successfully resolved and overcame multiple obstacles in the clinic to deliver quality healthcare. Doctor Young's extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, Combat Stress Detachment 1/Task Force MED and the United States Army.

Psychology Technician

Sergeant Raymond D. Green's exemplary performance has contributed greatly to the success of the Marne Behavioral Health clinic (Division Behavioral Health clinic) by providing over 110 supportive therapy counseling sessions and conducting over 300 Behavioral Health intakes among other achievements, in support of service members assigned and attached to the 3rd Infantry Division. Sergeant Green saw and managed over 150 High Risk Soldiers through the clinic's High Risk Nurse Case Management program, resulting in an improved quality of life for the Soldiers under his care. This reduced the frequency which licensed providers had to see these Soldiers and provided increased access for other service members. Sergeant Green's performance during this period brings great credit upon himself, the 3rd Infantry Division and the United States Army.

Behavioral Health Specialist

Meritorious achievement as a Behavioral Health Specialist. Specialist Sullivan went above and beyond his assigned duties by devoting the entirety of his off-duty time during two weeks to the careful planning, preparation and execution of the change of command inventories for the 528th Medical Detachment (COSC). Specialist Sullivan ensured the smooth and complete turn-over of inventories was completed in three days, two days earlier than planned. Specialist Sullivan's performance during this period brings great credit upon himself, the 528th Medical Detachment and the United States Army.

Mental Health NCOIC

MSG distinguished himself by meritorious service as Chief, Mental Health Flight, 59th Medical Operations Squadron. He oversaw the delivery of competent and confidential clinical services to over 2,000 joint customers.

He developed a medical board transition program that provided critical outpatient care to basic trainees and slashed re-admission rates by 80%.

He delivered mental health support services in five high-visibility sanity boards and five court martials, ensuring the best and fairest judgment.

His efforts contributed to the Mental Health Flight's "Outstanding" rating in the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care accreditation survey.

Provided exceptional care in the field of mental health to Soldiers and their families. Expanded services 100% by training 33 mental health counselors who are now rendering excellent services to the troops in their area of operation.

Mental Health Specialist

For exceptionally meritorious service while serving as part of the 467th Medical Detachment (Combat Stress Control) Main Support Platoon. SPC Johnson's selfless service and outstanding dedication to duty were invaluable to the training and mission capability of the 467th. His willingness to share her combat experience with peers resulted in a higher level of mission readiness. The service of Specialist Johnson reflect great credit upon him, the 467th Medical Detachment (CSC) and the United States Army.

Mental Health Specialist

For exceptionally meritorious service as Mental Health Specialist member of the Combat Stress Control team in support of WAREX 78-11-11 at Fort McCoy, WI during August 2011. During this period, SGT Wayne was instrumental in the successful delivery of mental health needs for units participating in the WAREX including classes and mentoring the junior enlisted. SGT Wayne's professionalism and dedication to the mission reflects greatly upon him, the 55th Medical Detachment and the United States Army.

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