MOS 91D Tactical Power Generation Awards

Power Generator Equipment Repairer

Outstanding achievement while serving as Senior Generator Mechanic and acceptance liaison during the Deployable Power Generation and Distribution System (DPGDS) project from 10 September 2020 to 10 October 2020. During this period, Staff Sergeant Curtis Knight's management and dedication to the assignment enabled him to accomplish the refurbishment of eight units prior to strict deadlines set by the Army. While leading a crew of seven to nine personnel, his meticulous attention to detail and inspection contributed to the identification and elimination of faulty hardware and was a major factor in the passing of rigorous military testing. His attention to the smallest detail prevented possible cancelation of the project and solidified its place in future operations. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Knight reflect credit upon himself, the 927th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, the Florida Army National Guard and the United States Army.

Senior Generator Mechanic

Outstanding achievement as Senior Generator Mechanic during Operation Allied Spirit IV from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. Sergeant Rose's expertise and dedication was key in providing power generation and heat for the BN ALOC, Fury Battery CP, and maintenance shop office. He ensured all generators and heaters remained operational for the duration of the rotation which directly contributed to the success of BN ALOC and Fury Battery logistical operations. In addition, Sergeant Rose increased morale by providing heat to all sleep tents and work areas. Sergeant Rose's diligent efforts and loyal devotion to duty reflect credit upon him, the 173rd Brigade Support Battalion and the United States Army.

Power Generator Equipment Repairer

Meritorious service as Power Generator Equipment Repairer while assigned to the 2137th Forward Support Company, Kansas Army National Guard from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Specialist Charles A. Healy, in the absence of his squad leader, assumed the duties of Senior Power Generation mechanic during the 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 137th Infantry's 2014 annual training. His extensive knowledge, experience, and preparation of the Forward Support Company's generators provided the unit with continuous use of all of its available power generation equipment throughout the training event. He successfully diagnosed and repaired all 14 of the company's generators without supervision or assistance. In addition, Specialist Healy's extensive preparation for the 2137th FSC's annual COMET inspection was a major factor in the success of the inspection. Specialist Healy's attention to detail, diligent efforts, and loyal devotion to duty reflect great credit upon him, the 2137th Forward Support Company and the United States Army National Guard.

Power Generator Equipment Repairer

Meritorious service as Power Generator Equipment Repairer from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. Sergeant Kenneth L. Truman exhibited devotion to duty and mission accomplishment by ensuring the successful completion of 313 total power generation services on 23 60-kilowatt generators at 11 Land-based Phalanx Weapons Systems (LPWS) and 7 10-kilowatt generators at 2 Sentinel Sites providing optimal power for several critical systems contributing to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and FREEDOM's SENTINEL. Sergeant Truman's exceptional performance, professionalism and dedication to duty reflected great credit on him, 1st Battalion, 265th Air Defense Artillery Regiment and the United States Army.

Power Generator Equipment Repairer

Outstanding achievement as Power Generator Equipment Repairer in support of XXXXXXXXXX from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. Sergeant Kenneth L. Truman demonstrated both versatility and adaptability by assuming and performing the duties of a Utilities Equipment Repairer. Sergeant Truman's extensive technical knowledge of Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems enabled him to support and maintain the LPWS Site's BARDS Enviromental Control Unit (ECU), the Alaskan ECU, and CHICO Units which ultimately restored operations and the mission. Sergeant Truman's exceptional initiative, professionalism and devotion to duty reflected credit on him, 1st Battalion, 265th Air Defense Artillery Regiment and the United States Army.

Power Generator Equipment Repairman

SPC Aragones served in the 542D Support Maintenance Company (SMC) as a Power Generator Equipment Repairer from October 2013 to February 2016. His loyalty and dedication contributed to the successful completion of over 410 work orders and 260 annual and semi-annual generator services. Furthermore, he displayed immense responsibility during Company Field Training Exercises (FTX), Warrior Time Training events, various yakima training missions and Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) mission.

Spc Campbell's willingness to learn and motivation, greatly improved her team's ability to complete multiple job orders in this years annual training. She completed all tasks with a positive attitude and went above and beyond her responsibilities to help in any way she could.

SPC Campbell accomplished 100 annual services; extended life of power pro equipment beyond scheduled service life.

SGT Jacobsen oversaw and ensured the success of power generation distribution while deployed with TF LIGHTHORSE to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

He established and maintained vital information and records and ensured all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance was performed to exacting standards.

His foresight, preparation and attention to detail ensured all generators were fully mission capable and operational, assuring that HHC 13th ESC was able to perform all logistical operations during full spectrum operations.

SGT Jacobsen took charge of a chaotic deployment and directed the set up of maintenance tents and power generation for the company allowing the company to setup and assume operations in a timely manner.

SPC Alvarez's eagerness and unmatched devotion directly led to the success of the Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, MTC training. His devotion to duty and selfless service was inspiring as he worked outside of his MOS on numerous occasions cross-training as 91B (Light-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic). He demonstrated a pattern of outstanding achievement while conducting monthly scheduled services and unscheduled repairs on over 200 pieces of equipment to maintain the Battalion's unprecedented 98% operational readiness rate.

SSG Goyins maintained a PT score above 270 with a weapons qualification on the M16 scoring expert (36).

As a 91D Power Generator Mechanic, he has completed numerous work orders which included services, engine replacements, load tests, depot-level repairs and fault replacements.

He cross-trained with AC mechanics and improved their shops response time by 30% and augmented our shop with their mechanics.

He supported five network integration evaluations and two unmanned aerial surveillance field problems.

After hours, he effectively maxed out on correspondence courses having over 400 hours. In addition, he demonstrated self-development by successfully earning 42 college credit hours this rating period.

o his exceptional technical expertise ensured the uninterrupted operation of critical power generation equipment, resulting in mission success in numerous high-stakes scenarios in support of 3-13TH FAR.

o his meticulous equipment accountability practices minimized losses and maintained equipment readiness at peak efficiency, saving valuable resources and contributing to the unit's overall effectiveness.

o his dedication to professionalism and the military's core values served as an inspiration to his peers, fostering a culture of excellence and enhancing unit cohesion throughout the 66th FSC.

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