Small Arms/ Artillery Repairer

Meritorious service in the superior performance of his duties while assigned as Small Arms/ Towed Artillery Repairer, 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment from 11 April 2019 to 24 May 2023. During this period, Specialist Dennis Madison served as a small arms artillery repairer and was responsible for the Field and Sustainment level support maintenance of weapons assigned to the battalion, to include the M17, M4, M249, M240 Series, M2, M203, M110, M210, M320, M242, M500, MK22, and MK19. He oversaw and arranged the diagnosis, repair, disposition, movement, and evacuation of all equipment requiring higher level maintenance. Moreover, he accounted for tools and equipment valued at more than one million dollars with zero losses or damage. Specialist Madison's relentless efforts reflect great credit upon himself, the 16th Infantry Regiment and the United States Army.

Specialist Ramiro deployed with the 2nd ABCT to Trzebien, Poland in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. While deployed, he personally completed over 1,000 small arms services, 12 M120 annual services, and 40 M242 Bushmaster annual services, identifying over 50 deadline faults, including two condemned M120 mortar tubes. SPC Ramiro was an asset to the 2nd ABCT during its Joint Multinational Readiness Center rotation, using his technical knowledge to train his fellow armament repairers throughout the Brigade.

SPC Joe increased combat power across the island of Oahu by providing area maintenance support to 95 external units while serving as a Small Arms and Artillery Repairer within the 536th Support Maintenance Company. SPC Deleon's professionalism and expertise contributed immensely to the Armament Section's successful management of work orders. SPC Deleon personally completed over 15,000 repairs and services for M2A1, M9, M4, M16, MK19, M249, M320, M230, and M240B weapon systems.

Leading up to the annual COMET Inspection, SPC SM stayed countless hours preparing and ensuring that the supply section received a first time go. SPC SM maintained a standard for the unit supply section passing three (3) COMET inspections with scores of 95%, 97% and 98% respectively in the armament section with no failed critical tasks. SPC SM has been the critical asset to the success of the Unit in each inspection displaying his devotion to Duty, Selfless Service and Loyalty to his superiors and team members with his actions.

SPC Joe was assigned as a small arms/artillery repairer responsible for the Field and Sustainment level support maintenance of 4500 weapons in the 6-52 ADA BN, which includes the M9, M16, M249, M240 Series, M2, M203, and MK19. He was responsible for the diagnosing, repairs, disposition, movement and evacuation of all equipment requiring higher level maintenance. As a Specialist he accounted for tools and equipment valued at over $100,000.00 with zero losses or damage.

Demonstrated outstanding technical capabilities as the Small Arms/Artillery Repairer while attached to Alpha Company during their week-long Field Training Exercise at the Donnelly Training Area. Showing commitment to maintenance excellence, he worked tirelessly and expediently in extreme cold weather to repair three M4s and two MK19s, enabling Alpha Company to successfully qualify with all assigned weapons.

SPC Kelly's dedication to duty and superb organizational skills enabled him to effectively manage and assist in the complete setup of the brigade small-arms repairs function which directly supported the brigade's ability to accomplish the mission. His knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the success of the company's mission. As a result, the company maintained active and fluid communications with senior and subordinate units while participating in 25th Combat Aviation Brigade's refurbished small-arms service team. As a small-arms repairer, his vast experience, maturity, and proficiency were vital to not only the success of Echo Company, but the entire Hammerheads Task Force.

SPC Nelson's dedication and professionalism as a small-arms repairer built a strong level of trust with the Soldiers of units that fell under 25TH CAB for repairs and services. SPC Nelson's level of technical and tactical knowledge contributed greatly to the accomplishment of countless missions during his company's scheduled services. SPC Nelson demonstrated accuracy and a high degree of technical skill that facilitated E Co. 3-25 GSAB passing its Safety inspection as a Small-arms Repairer. Through accomplished organizational abilities, SPC Nelson maintained 100% accountability of all small-arms equipment with zero loss or damage and displayed an unmatched commitment to equipment readiness and accountability.

SPC Greene was in charge of maintaining and servicing over 800 weapons. She worked outside of her MOS on numerous occasions cross-training as a 91D, Power Generation Equipment Repairer. Her dedication to the safety of those around her resulted in everyone adhering to established operational procedures and maintaining constant situational awareness.

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