Small Arms, Towed Artillery Repairer
NCOER Bullets

o completed the training of the 232 CSSB in primary markmanship of the MK19 automatic grenade launcher;

o instructed 17 soldiers in the PAS13 system and acted as squad leader during FTX conducted at MOUT site Marseilles

o conducted inventories and completed 7 work orders on turrets project

o delivered outstanding performance during deployment to Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan

o served as benchstock NCO and ordered more than $75,000 worth of benchstock; parts always available

o performed without accident or injury and was able to rely on his squad to respond to any incident with a cool head, and an open mind

o always took his specialists along to allow them to become well devoloped NCOs

o led the night shift in the absence of the Squad Leader for 6 weeks; evaluated by ISIC as the pinnacle of weapons handling

o shared information learned from prior years' annual training and applied it to annual training 2013 by teaching peers how to identify and correct crucial deficiencies that make the M777A2 Weapon System non-mission capable

o stood up the NIE Transient Arms Room and developed effective physical security procedures that integrated with Task Force operations

o instructed the entire team on how to check and verify the nitrogen and hydraulic systems which are common sources of mission degrading problems for the M777A2; reduced failures by 50%

o earned a reputation for reliability and competence and built an unwavering level of trust among the Soldiers of each unit that fell under 25TH CAB for repairs and services

o acted as squad leader during FTX conducted at MOUT site Marseilles

o completed 9 work orders on turrets project

Picture of Soldier repairing Artillery

o identified mislabeled weapons parts in the Parts Vault during inventory; relabeled and reorganized all parts; improved ability to locate and track shop-stock parts

o repaired over 50 pieces of equipment, enabling the Battalion's Companies to successfully qualify and maintain 95% readiness rate

o completed over 65 repairs on 50 Cal, M240, and M242 Bush Master weapon systems; increased combat power across the Battalion during Gunnery Training

o maintained 100% accountability of all small-arms equipment with zero loss or damage

o completed pre-embarkation services for all of 1st Battalion within 72 hours

o completed the services for over 500 weapon systems and repaired 40 deadlined faults, making them fully mission capable

o maintained 100% accountability of all Small-arms equipment with zero losses or damage

o developed training class for use and markmanship with the MK19 automatic greneade launcher

o maintained active communications with senior and subordinate units while participating in Combat Aviation Brigade's refurbished small-arms service team

o instructed 12 soldiers in the PAS 13 system

o delivered performance that ensured E Co. 3-25 GSAB passed its Safety inspection

o his experience, innovation and proficiency were vital to the success of Bravo Company and across the entire Task Force Hammerheads

o serviced and repaired over 6,000 weapons while assigned to the 632nd Maintenance Company

o maintained a 96% equipment readiness rate as the Company's TMDE monitor

o set up and managed the brigade small-arms repairs directly impacting the brigade's ability to sustain the mission

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